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We are committed to deliver a total solution of Abrasion-resistant pipes, fittings, logistics and technical services to our clients.

Sunny Steel is a global well-known high-quality abrasion-resistant pipes and fittings supplier, specializing in cost-effective solutions to wear problems by supplying high-tech materials such as ceramic, cast basalt and rare earth alloys.

This approach coupled with quality manufacturing processes, well-qualified, trained and competent personnel has enabled us to offer a more comprehensive range of products against wear from a single source. Products are engineered the latest design and manufacturing facility to provide realistic and cost effective solutions supporting our customers to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.
Enjoy excellent reputation in wear protection market in over 20 countries worldwide. The services of the company include Design, Manufacture and Installation as per the specification across the broad spectrum of applications in steel, cement, power generation, mining, minerals processing, chemical and petrochemicals, pulp and paper and other process industries.

Culture vision

To be a respectable first-rate enterprise!

  1. Actively undertake social responsibility as well as strictly fulfil and strive to transcend product liability, employee responsibility, environmental liability, tax liability and so on; abide by the rule of good faith, social morality and business ethics; actively work on public welfare course;
  2. Standard governance mechanism, mature operating management, excellent business performance and outstanding staff team; to be the example and model of Chinese enterprises;
  3. Create the first brand of Chinese steel products and international famous pipe connection brand;
  4. Achieve win-win situation with related parties: satisfy customers, employees, partners.

Goal of Sunny Steel

Our team attaches great importance to environmental protection, energy-saving and emission-reduction.
Protecting the environment is the duty of the company.
Customer satisfaction has always been the company’s top objective, and we constantly stick to the principle: to provide customers with a value-added solution rather than simply delivering products.

Creating A Company Culture

Overview of Sunny Steel

To be one of the world recognized manufacturer of technical abrasion resistant product and its allied product to assist society to fight against wear, corrosion, thermal, electrical and other critical requirement. The most valuable possession we own is our reputation for quality and service.

Payment items

payment background

Payment terms are established by the Purchasing Department and dictate when payments to non-employee suppliers will be made.

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Abrasion Resistant


Abrasion resistant equipment is produced according to customers’ drawings, the abrasion resistant equipment is available in range of configurations to meet your pipeline layout needs.

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Well packing and delivery

I-beam frame packaging for ceramic lined elbows

I-beam frame packaging for ceramic lined elbows

Ceramic lined bends are packed with channel steel frame

Ceramic lined bends are packed with channel steel cases

Ceramic lined pipes are packed with channel steel frame

Straight pipes are packed with I-bream frame

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