Iron mold arc-shaped stone slab

General regulations on the installation effect of cast basalt slab by the manufacturer of cast basalt slab

In order to obtain a good decoration effect of cast basalt slab, in addition to qualified products and correct installation, we should pay attention to the design of basalt decoration engineering and the selection of various relevant materials, and pay attention to the selection of various basalt varieties and their application scope, installation process and practice, so as to avoid engineering related problems caused by the natural characteristics of basalt materials.

In architectural decoration engineering, cast basalt slab is mainly used in the decoration of ground, wall, column and steps. It is mainly installed by bonding method and dry hanging method, with different emphases. Different considerations should be taken from the beginning of design.

The bonding method should be adopted for the installation of ground basalts, the thousand hanging method should be adopted for the construction of outdoor wall and column basalts, and the bonding method should be adopted for the construction of slate on the wall and ground.

Cast basalt slab

The wall basalts are stored by bonding method, and the safety shall be considered according to the actual needs and the performance of bonding. If necessary, metal wires shall be bound or obliquely inserted into pairs of mutually opposite steel pins for reinforcement, especially at higher positions.

When the weight of a single piece of wear-resistant cast basalt plate is greater than 40 k9 or the area of a single plate exceeds 1_ m2 or when the indoor building height is more than 3.5m. The wall surface and column surface shall be designed as a thousand hanging installation method.

For design projects beyond the general scope of this specification and without successful basalt application engineering examples, it shall be determined after on-site demonstration by architects, structural engineers, basalt experts and material suppliers.