Cast Blast Pipe And Fittings

The cast basalt stone tubes or tiles are bonded onto the internal surface of the steel pipe properly to a form a wear resistant cast basalt stone lined pipe / elbow. The combination of high rigidity of ceramic and high elasticity of steel gives the pipe unmatchable features as an abrasion resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant material used in the variety of industries.

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Cast Basalt is a mineral of exceptionally high abrasion resistance, unlimited resistance to moisture, high compressive strength and resistance to virtually all acids and alkalis and is completely corrosion free. Cast blast is produced by melting selected natural basalt broken into sizes of 20-50 mm in shaft furnaces at temperatures around 1,300C, following by casting at which the melted basalt forms uniforms pherolithic crystals hence producing its typical physical properties, in particular its exceptional hardness and wear-resistance.

Cast basalt reaches a value of hardness of 8(min) on the Moh’s hardness scale. For comparison: the highest value10is only attained by diamonds. By virtue of these properties, the silicate cast basalt provides outstanding protection against abrasion and scrubbing.

However, it is marked by ascertain sensitivity to impacts. Under Normal services conditions, cast basalt withstands temperatures up to approx. + 350C or-40C. However Cast basalt should not be subjected to temperature shocks.

Sizes: Cast basalt produces are manufactured as tiles, from pieces and segments. Straight pipes are spun-cast, available for nominal bores of 32 to 600 mm with the wall thickness ranging from 20 to 30mm and a standard length of 500mm.samller nominal bores of straight pipes, pipe segment for radial of 40 to 3,000mm of various angles, as well as special form piece linings are predominantly sand-cast. The standard wall-thickness is 20mm. depending on the respective quantity, steel moulds can also be used, the wall thickness in those cases usually being 30 to 40mm.

Ceramic Lined Equipment and Bends:

Hard & Compact Smooth & Inner Withstands High-Abrasion & Corrosion In any of the process industries especially Sled and Cement corrosion and abrasion lead to significant downtime of the plant. Further, the useful life or the equipment itself may get impaired because of the high abrasive nature of the materials being used. Thus, ‘wear mechanism’ results in hut down, replacement, etc., which is costly, resulting in loss to tilt: tunic of millions of rupees.


  • High resistance to all types of chemicals
  • High resistant to sliding abrasion
  • Non weld ability & smooth surface results ill easy How of materials.
  • Can With stand and temperature up to 200 C.
  • Smooth Surface and resistant to abrasion & corrosion
Material Thickness(mm) Approx. Life ( Months )
 Mild Steel 10 3-5
 Cast Iron 20 6-8
 Ni-Hard 20 12-14
 Cast Basalt 30 20-25
Ceramic 10 35-40

Technical Details:

  • Friction Resistance: As more material is passed over Cast Basalt, it gets polished up thereby reducing friction further. Cast Basalt improves in service after getting polished. Wetting also improves its performance in practical applications.
  • Impact Resistance: Direct Impact Resistance at a perpendicular angle is low like all other ceramics, but it can be increased with proper installation by reducing the angle of impact. Cast Basalt can be used to mitigate sliding abrasion. Moreover, external impact strength of composite basalt pipe (enclosed in M.S. Shell) is always more than that of bare Ni-hard Pipe.
  • Chemical Resistance: Cast Basalt is almost absolutely acid/alkali resistant (except Hydrofluoric Acid) and hence corrosion resistant.
  • Weight and Sizes: Basalt Tiles are available in regular shape square of 200 x 200 x 30 mm thick, weighing approximately 90 kg/sq. m; whereas bends and pipes are lined using Basalt Cylinders of various standard sizes from 50NB up to 500NB.
  • Temperature: Cast Basalt withstands temperature up to 450ºC.
  • Life: Life of basalt-lined pipe is estimated to be 7 to 10 times that of Cast Iron, and 3 to 4 times that of Ni-hard Steel.


  • Specific Gravity :  2.8 to 3.1 gm/cm3
  • Compressive Strength:  Minimum 4500 kg/cm2
  • Hardness:  8 as compared to 10 of Diamond Moh’s Scale.
  • Abrasion:  0.4 mm material loss (max.)

Applications Area:

  1. Thermal Power Stations: Raw Coal Chutes/ Hoppers, Feed Bunker/Coal Bunker, Ash Pits, Crushers, Bottom Ash, Disposal Slurry, Dust Lines/ Bends, Pipeline/Bends, Fly Ash. Trenches below Hopper and pipelines, Pulverized Coal Piping
  2. Cement Plants: Dynamic Air Separators, Raw Mill Ducts/ Chutes, Drag Chain Conveyor, Grate Cooler Housing, Air Separator/ Cyclones, Coal Handling, Coal Hopper/ Chutes, Cement Conveying, Slurry Lines/ Bends Lines/ Bends, Discharge Boxes / Bankers, Lime/Silica Hoppers/Chutes, Chain Conveyor Housing, Mixers/Nozzles, Coal Venturi, etc.
  3. Steel plants: Coke sorting unit, Coal bunkers / sinter bunkers, Lime bunkers, Coke breeze, Sinter plant cyclones, Sinter plant flow conveyors, Iron slurry line, Thick slurry lines, Air lift pipes, Telescopic pipes, Granulated slag, Hot mill flume, etc.
  4. Coal Washer: Coal Washing Plants, Coal Transportation, Conveyor Chutes/Pipes, Floatation Cells, Media Sumps, Centrifuges, Cyclones, Sieves etc.

Cast Basalt Lined Ash Pipeline

We hold expertise in fabricating and supplying of a qualitative range Cast Basalt coated Ash Pipelines. Our pipelines are designed and developed by experts to ensure durability and also to meet International Quality Standards. Our Ash Pipelines are coated with Cast Basalt to prevent abrasion because cast basalt is one of the most frequently used wear protection materials. The range of Ash Pipelines made by us are highly acknowledged in the market due to their excellent performance and salient features including excellent wear & tear, durability, reliability, high strength, and cost-effectiveness.

Cast Basalt Lined Ash Bends

At Reli Sleeve, we lined up Ash bends with Cast basalt because is wear resistant and makes the bends more durable. It possess superior properties such as Hardness (7 to 8 MOH), Scale Compressive Strength (4500 Kg/Sq. cm), Abrasive Resistance (0.06 – 0.08 cm) Bending Strength (300 Kg/Sq. cm), Temperature Limit (350°C) and nil Water Absorption. Due to such properties it is more preferable lining than others. These Cash Basalt coated Ash bends find application in various industries. Moreover, these are highly acknowledged for their salient features such as: high strength, durability, excellent wear & tear, and reasonable prices.

Available Variants:

  • Small ID Bend (upto ID 450mm)
  • Large ID Bend (greater than ID 450mm

Cast Basalt Tiles

We offer Cast Basalt Tiles for Coal Bunkers and Chutes. These cast basalt tiles are bedded as well as jointed in cement/special bonding agents like resins depending upon application. These tiles mostly find application in automotive industry and are designed to provide long-lasting lining and enhancement to involved operational life cycle for both plant as well as equipment. Other than automobiles, some of the other industries where these are used in include:

Available Variants:

  • Power
  • Coal
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Mineral Processing


  • Utilizing Cast Basalt enhances and improves operational life of plants
  • These are best suited for jobs where extensive cutting is needed
  • We can also deliver pre-cut tailored tiles based on the considerations of vibration, impact and other factors at client’s end


Following types of liners are under our production range:-

1.Trench Liners
Trench Liners have proven to be the perfect solution of erosion problems. The trench liners are custom fabricated according to the specific dimensions of each trench to facilitate installation.

2. Hexagonal Liners
Hexagonal and small square tiles ranging from 10 sq. mm to 20 sq. mm in thickness ranging from 5mm to 15mm are manufactured form small curves and fast In-situ application. In case of high impact conditions, Hexagonal Tiles with Rubber Armour is provided.

3. Rectangular Plates/Tiles
Various types of rectangular plates or tiles are under our manufacturing range


Good abrasion resistance
As the wear surface, the cast basalt ceramic is 8 Mohs hardness, whose wear resistance is 10 times that of hi-chrome cast iron alloy pipes. It can make a little wear loss of the pipe during running, which extend the service life of the equipment largely.

Good thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance
-50-350 ℃ is ideal temperature for the cast basalt ceramic lined pipe, and the inner wall of the pipe is cast basalt plates or tubes which have unique chemical properties of wonderful acid and alkali resistance.

Light Weight
The density is 3.63g/cm³, which is only half of the steel to reduce the load of the equipment largely.

Easy and fast to fix on site
Welding, flange, flexible joint are available for fix with the equipment.
All the performance of Anti-wear cast stone lined steel pipe / cast basalt lining composite tube makes low project costs, the charges can be about 20-30% less than wear steel piping project.

Normal Specification
Full range of Anti-wear cast stone lined steel pipe / cast basalt lining composite tube including straight pipes, bends, elbows, tees,Y-pieces, reducers,crosses and etc can be available from our factory.
Regarding the connection ways, we can provide with the normal way of welding or flange or to customize according to the customer’s requirements.

Comparision Chart

Comparison of Ceramic lines with few other materials under standard conditions
MaterialThickness(mm)Approx life ( Months )
Mild Steel10
Cast Iron20
Cast Basalt3020-25

Basalt is a dark, dense-looking rock, often with small porphyritic crystals, and weathering to a brown colour on exposed surfaces. It is the commonest of all lavas, the basalt flows of the world being estimated to have five times the volume of all other extrusive rocks together. Basalt also forms small intrusions.

Basalt casts are considered the best lining materials for industries dealing with abrasion resistance.

Chemical substance ( weight %) of cast basalt


The excellent performance of cast basalt lined steel pipe is that it sets tenacity of steel pipe, abrasive resistance of cast basalt pipe, concreteness of cement mortar in one.

This greatly improves the products adaptive capacity in complicated operation conditions. At the same time. Cement mortar is selected as the filling material and this can make the inside surface of steel pipe in alkali mediums. So the surface of steel pipe generates purifying films. These films can prevent being rusted.

Physical performance of cast basalt products

Compressive Strength≥ 450MPa
Bending strength≥ 60MPa
Impact strength1.76KJ/M2
Abrasive strength0.07g/cm2
Vickers scale≥ 720kg/mm
Elasticity modulus1.67x105MPa
Dilatation coefficient (60℃)8.92x10-6
Chemical Attack Resistance
95%-98% H2SO4 ≥ 98%
20%H2S4 ≥ 94%
20 %NaOH≥ 98%


Cast basalt pipeline transportation on the apllied site
Cast basalt pipeline transportation to the applied site

Cast basalt pipes owing to an excellent performance of abrasive and corrosion resistance .It may be used as the liner of pipeline for hydraulic,pneumatic of conveyance of material and corrosion materials or slurry.We can offer the basalt pipes with nominal diameter of 40mm-800mm.

Cast Basalt can be used for the lining of pipework, chutes, bunkers, cyclones, and hoppers. It has become the global standard in areas such as ash slurry pipework, often used at fossil-fuel power stations. It is an all-round cost-effective and adaptable lining material that extends the life of equipment in the pipe or tile form where affected by erosion.

Cast Basalt is well-proven in a variety of industries as a cost-effective, long-lasting lining material used to extend the operating life of equipment manufactured or lined with lower-wearing materials such as steel, cast iron, rubber, and polyurethane.

Cast basalt lined steel pipe, as both a wear—resistant and corrosion—resistant materials, the transport properties of wear or corrosion of materials, after thirty years of practical verification, cast basalt lined steel pipe can be well done.

Installation site

Cast basalt is also used in cement plants for making air separators, chain conveyor, silica hoppers, nozzles, coal hoppers, cement hoppers, cyclones, raw mill ducts, chutes, thick slurry lines, mixers, grate cooler housing, coal ventury etc.

Cast basalt pipeline installation site
Cast basalt pipeline installation site

Cast basalt pipes have an excellent performance of abrasive resistant and corrosion resistant, can be used as the pipeline lining in conveying wearable materials and corrosion materials. Such as: electric power plant, chemical plant, metallurgy industry, mine and so on.

  • Tailings pipeline
  • concentrate pipeline
  • pipeline of transporting ore
  • pipe of transporting ash and residue in electric power station
  • pipe for transporting coal—water
  • pipe of sending sand by wind power
  • The concentration of slurry chute
  • edge—milling machine
  • disk feeder
  • slurry chutes

  • blast flush fines chute
  • blast furnace slag ditch
  • raw ore chute
  • funnels of autogenously mill
  • classification return mines chute
  • overflow launder
  • coke—conveying chute
  • saturator
  • acid separator
  • cyclone separator

  • sand mixed machine
  • punch mine ditch in mining industry
  • storage tank mine blast, coke funnel
  • all kinds of chutes, funnels, storage bin andso on.
  • load and unload material chute in fire—resistant industry
  • centrifugal concentrator punch mine launder

Cast Basalt Composite Pipes Used for Years

  • hydro cyclone
  • Precipitator
  • pickling tank
  • slag conveyor
  • mixing machine downhill plate
  • conveying equipments need wear protection


Cast basalt pipe adopts foam packaging, then in accordance with the specifications to put them into wooden cases, sometimes they can be directly loaded into the compartment or container.


Cast basalt lined pipes and fittings can be supplied with different and connections as per the design requirement to suit the site conditions and easy installation.

Flange Connection

As a standard production, we supply flanged components according to DIN, with at least one movable flange for easy mounting, but pipes with plain ends or for custom coupling are also available. Flange Connection Is One Kind Of Common Pipeline Installation Connections. By Two Pieces Of Flanges, Pipeline, Valve, Equipments Are Connected And It Forms A Tight Piping System. When Pipeline Pressure Is Larger, Flange Connection Is Priority Selection. Flanges Have Lots Of Different Sizes. Flange Size Is Determined According To Pipeline Normal Diameter And Pipeline Operation Pressure.

The parameters of the outside steel pipe will be decided according to the working pressure of the system. The connection of the pipes and fitting will be of flange connections, easy—flexible joint connection or by welding.

By two pieces of flanges, pipeline, valve, equipments are connected and it forms a tight piping system. When pipeline pressure is larger, flange connection is priority section. Flanges have lots of different sizes.

Flange size is determined according to pipeline normal diameter and pipeline operation pressure.

Welding & Beveled End

It suits short Distance Pipeline System Without Maintenance. It Is One Kind Of Common Installation Connections. It Requires Installation Personnel Higher Welding Ability. It Also Restricts By Welding Site, Distance, Welding Positions. Welding Connections Is Inconvenient In Later Maintenance.

Easy-Flexible Joint Connection

It Is One Of High Efficient And Rapid Installation Connection. I T Has The Below Characteristic: Easily Install And Disassemble, Fast Installation, Temperature Adjustable Compensation Function, Saving The Necessary Expansion In Long Pipeline. Easy-Flexible Joint Also Has Angle Compensation Characteristic. At Smaller Angle Turning Points, Easy-Flexible Joint Can Be Instead Of Bends And Adjust Angle.

Design aspects

1. The bend radius should be minimum 3 times of the nominal bore.

2. At discharge end of each bend, cast basalt lined straight pipe of length 5 to 12 times the nominal bore must be used.


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