Integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe

Integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe is a complex material pipe composed of three layers, the inner layer is made of high-density alumina ceramic, the middle layer is a transition layer, and the outer layer is a steel pipe.

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Integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe is a complex material pipe composed of three layers, the inner layer is made of high-density alumina ceramic, the middle layer is a transition layer, and the outer layer is a steel pipe. The ceramic layer is directly bonded to the inner wall of the steel pipe using high-temperature bonding adhesives or welding. The steel pipe provides structural support and impact resistance, while the ceramic layer provides superior wear and corrosion resistance.

Integral shaped ceramic steel pipes, also known as one-piece ceramic pipes, are assembled by firing the wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings as a whole and pouring them into the steel pipe with special fillers. The pipeline has a smooth inner wall, good airtightness, and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

This type of pipe is widely used in industries such as power plants, mining, cement plants, and coal-fired industries, where abrasion and corrosion of pipelines are common problems. It helps to extend the service life of pipes and reduce maintenance costs.

Integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipes have many advantages over traditional pipes such as:

  1. Superb wear and corrosion resistance
  2. High strength and impact resistance
  3. Longer service life
  4. Excellent thermal shock resistance
  5. Easy to install and maintain
  6. Cost-effective over the long term

Overall, integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipes offer an excellent solution to pipeline wear and corrosion problems, and have become a popular choice for many industries.

Frequently a pneumatic conveying system is used to convey materials with high abrasiveness, that is, with a marked tendency to consume by friction to the wall of the tubing where they flow.

For example foundry sand, clinker, ash from boiler combustion, quartz.

The phenomenon of wear in the tubes is due in part to the conveying speed and the consequent friction of the product in the pipes. But the main cause is the changing direction, which is why the wear of major concern takes place in conveying bends, due to the increased friction.

That is why the bends of a pneumatic conveying line are manufactured with the bending radius the widest possible and in any case with strong limitations with respect to the smallest value adoptable. And, in the case of heavy abrasion, wear resistant internal coatings are used.

The manufacture is an essential factor for the effectiveness of the abrasion resistant components, for example the perfect alignment of the inner sectors of lining that allows a longer life of the component as well as the selection of a chemical composition that involves adequate hardness.

We propose wear resistant lined bends with thicknesses adequate for heavy duty, coupled with straight sections of suitable length, to take account of the angle of incidence with which the particles collide with the surface and the lingering effects of turbulence of the flow after the change of direction. We also design and manufacture special components of various shapes, “T”, “Y”, “S”, with sizes and lengths also on design.

Ceramic sleeve lined manufacture details

Ceramic sleeve lined manufacture details

These ceramic sleeves are identical to the ones we use in our production, so high quality, consistency, and uniformity are assured.

Alumina ceramic specifications

Volume Density3.62 g/cm33.65 g/cm3
Water Absorption (%)≤0.02%≤0.02%
Hardness9 Mohs9 Mohs
Flexural strength≥2000 Mpa≥2250 Mpa

The combination of high rigidity of ceramic and high elasticity of steel gives the pipe unmatchable features as an abrasion resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant material for use in the fields of power generation, metallurgy, mining, and chemical industry etc. It has many advantages over steel pipes, cast stone pipes, and steel-plastic compound pipes.

Layer size of ceramic sleeve lined pipe

Steel pipenormal carbon steel or stainless steel3-10mmDN30-DN400mm
AdhesiveEpoxy adhesive2-3mm
Ceramic sleeve92%,95%,99%5-20mmDN30-DN400mm
The ceramic sleeve lined pipe has a smooth inner wall, excellent tightness as well as good wear and chemical resistance ability.

The most common applications of ceramic sleeve lined pipes

1. Abrasive productsGrinding wheel granules
2. Aluminium plantsCalcined alumina, bauxite, electrode, carbon, crushed bath
3. Iron & SteelSinter dust, limestone, lime injection, coal, iron carbide, alloy additives
4. Mineral wool & insulation productsPerlite, stone dust, refractory fibers, production wastes, dust from sawing operations
5. FoundriesMolding sand, dust collection
6. Glass plantsBatch, cullet, quartz, kaoline, feldspar
7. Breweries, grain processing, feed millsCorn, barley, soy beans, malt, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rice hulls, malting plants
8. CementClinker dust, limestone, cement, fly ash, coal, blast furnace slag
9. Chemical plantsCaustic lime, fertilizers, lime dust, chrome ore, paint pigments, plastic pallets with glass fi bers
10. Mineral mining plantsKiln feed, ore concentrate, coal tailings, dust
11. Coal fired power stationsCoal, fly ash, pyrites, slag, ash, limestone
12. Coal minesCoal dust, mine waste for backfi lling
13. Technical carbon productsTechnical carbon, dust, graphite for electrodes

Ceramic sleeve

Recently 95% alumina ceramic sleeve lined pipes, elbows and T pipes have been largely applied in lithium battery material conveying system. The main raw material of wear resistant ceramic sleeve is a special kind of ceramic with AL2O3 as the and the rare metal oxide as the flux, which is melted by high temperature at 1700 °C. The big diameter ceramic sleeve is always a big problem for the ceramic tube manufacturers since it’s very difficult to control the deformation rate of the ceramic sleeve after it’s sintering. Also It will also need an advanced and big isostatic pressing machine to do this. So it will not only express the company’s production capability, but company’s technology. Right now, our factory have owned both advantages which are wear resistant ceramic pressing facilities and technologies.

In addition, the flatness of ceramic casing is also an important factor affecting the size of lithium battery materials.We did a lot of analysis and improved our manufacturing techniques to solve both of these problems. Now it can help lithium battery delivery systems better solve these problems, with better material purity, longer service life and better economic benefits.

Technical index of wear-resistant ceramic sleeve

Al2O3 (%)≥95%
Density (g/cm3)≥3.65g/cm3
Strength (MPa)1030
Flexural strength (MPa)212
Impact toughness (Kj/m2)10.2
Hardness (HRV)≥85Mpa
Elastic modulus (GPa)304
Expansion coefficient (10-6/℃)6.6
Acid resistance(24H)StabilityTest solution: 15%H2SO4
Alkali resistance(24H)StabilityTest solution:NaOH


Removing rust and decontamination process of outer-layer steel pipe;

Must be in strict accordance with the prescribed ratio, the binder ab accurate measurement, with how many, must be stirred evenly, full stir-mixing must not be less than 4 times, such as adding a mixture of the embedded feed should be mixed with the binder and then add the mixture to stir up not less than 3 times;

The binder is applied evenly on the inner wall of the steel tube to ensure the thickness is not less than 0.5mm thickness. Then apply the binder on the outer surface of the ceramic ring to ensure the thickness between the 0.5mm-1mm. Also in the ceramic ring side (with the ceramic ring contact with the corresponding surface) Daub 0.5mm Adhesive, to ensure that after the installation of the ring and the seal between the ring;

After the installation of the ceramic ring in place, it is necessary to repair the gap between the assembled ceramic rings and mend the joints to ensure the sealing between the ring and the ring;

According to the NPT standard, we process the two pipe ends of male and female thread processing. The end of the pipe processing, and processing 1×45° groove, to prevent on-site installation in the process of cutting the hands of construction workers, do a good job of safety protection measures, thread processing, need to brush oil to protect the thread;

After installing the ceramic ring, check the internal surface of the ceramic ring of the formation, finishing in place, cannot move the position of the pipe, because the binder is not dry, vibration is easily caused by the displacement of ceramic rings, affect the use of the effect of cold weather in winter, binder drying time is longer, need to ensure more than 48 hours.

Technical index of binder

ItemDataCharacteristics of binder
Density (g/cm3)1.32Megapoxy binder
Compressive strength (MPa)40
Shear Strength MPa26
Impact toughness Kj/m210
Hardness HB9.5
Elastic Modulus GPa2.2
Expansion coefficient 10-6/℃20.1
Softening temperature℃263
Coking temperature℃335
Acid resistance(24H)StabilityTest solution : 15%H2SO4
Alkali resistance(24H)StabilityTest solution: NaOH
We use the Australian Megapoxy high strength structural adhesive, this structural glue is modified epoxy resin polymer, anti-aging ability, and wear-resistant ceramic bonding to form a strong and cushion of the anti-wear layer, cured water, anti-corrosion performance is excellent, toughness, displacement-resistant effect is remarkable.


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