Abrasion Resistant Pipe

Abrasion-resistant pipe mainly includes abrasion-resistant elbow, straight pipe, tee, large and small head, square knuckle, reducer pipe and other structural parts, mainly used for pneumatic, pumping slurry, pneumatic transfer pipelines, and other material transport pipeline.

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Self Propagating Ceramic lined Pipe

Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic lined pipe is made through self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) technique.

ceramic tile lined pipe and fittings

Ceramic tile lined pipe

Ceramic tile lined fittings are bonded with the ceramic tiles into the inner wall.

cast basalt line steel straight pipe 02

Cast basalt lined

Cast basalt lined steel pipe is composed by lined with cast basalt pipe.

ceramic sleeve lined pipe and fittings

Ceramic sleeve lined

The ceramic sleeve lined pipe has a smooth inner wall, excellent tightness as well as good wear and chemical resistance ability.

bimetal clad pipe banner 1

Steel-high chromium

Bimetallic composite pipe

The double metal composite steel pipe has an inner lining made of wear resistant cast iron.

rare earth metal wear resistant pipe banner 3

Horizontal centrifugal casting

Rare earth alloy

Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe is used for conveying wear-resistant pipes such as power plant powder and ash…

Reaction bonded silicon carbide

Reaction bonded

Silicon Carbide Products

Silicon carbide, mainly consisting of SiC, also known as carborundum, is a hard chemical compound containing silicon and carbon.


Tube shields

Tube shield help reduce excessive wear on boiler tubes under the extreme conditions prevalent in fossil fuel-fired boilers.

Packing tube shields

tubes erosion shields


Tube erosion shields

Boiler tubes erosion shields are used to reduce excess wear of boiler tubes within the extreme conditions prevalent inside a fossil fuel fired boiler.

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wear resistant ceramic lined equipment 01

Wear resistant ceramic lined equipment

Wear resistant ceramic lined equipment, including ceramic wire tube, ceramic liner elbow, ceramic liner cone, ceramic turret, ceramic-lined hydrocyclone, ceramic liner, ceramic lined valves to help users obtain the maximum efficiency of the equipment.
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