How to make seamless pipe & tubes?

According to manufacuring process of seamless pipe,seamless pipe can be divided into hot rolled seamless tube and cold drawn seamless tube.

Cold drawn seamless steel tubes process

Cold drawn seamless steel tubes process

Process flow chart of cold drawn seamless steel pipe

round tube → heating → ​​perforation → Heading → ​​annealing → ​​pickling → ​​oiled (copper) → multi-pass cold drawn (cold rolled) → blank tube → heat treatment → straightening →hydrostatic testing (testing) → mark → storage.

The general cold strip mills, volume should go through continuous annealing (CAPL unit) to eliminate cold hardening and rolling stress, or batch annealing reach the mechanical properties of the corresponding standard specifies. Cold rolled steel surface quality, appearance, dimensional accuracy better than hot-rolled plate, and right-rolled thin product thickness is about 0.18mm, so the majority of users favor.

Hot rolled seamless steel pipe deformed process

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production base deformation process can be summarized as three stages: perforation, extension and finishing.

Hot rolled seamless steel pipe deformed process

The main purpose of the perforation process is to become a solid round billet piercing hollow shell. Capillary in the specifications, accuracy and surface quality can not meet the requirements of the finished product, further improvements are needed to deform the metal through. The main purpose of the stretching machine is further reduced sectional view (main compression wall) for a larger axial extension, so that the capillary improved dimensional accuracy, surface quality and organizational performance.

Our production capacity

Inventory management

We have more than 10,000 tons of pipes in our warehouse, especially for normal specs of line pipes, casing, tubing, and drill pipes.

This range includes Chrome Moly Pipe.

Quality inspection

Seamless steel pipe quality testing is a very important step, and for its detection method is also very particular to now all three – ultrasonic testing, Eddy current testing, magnetic flux leakage testing, specific circumstances are as follows:

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