What are duplex heat exchanger tubes?

Duplex 2205 is duplex stainless steel that has been nitrogen-improved in order to counteract typical corrosion challenges with the 300 series alloy of steel. A group of stainless steels known as “duplex” is neither completely austenitic, such as 304 steels, nor wholly ferritic, such as 430 stainless.
Duplex stainless steel heat exchanger tubes work well in high-pressure and temperature environments. U-Tubes are forged or connected to tube bundles and connected using tube sheets that have flowing barriers. Duplex Heat Exchanger Tubes have excellent corrosion tolerance, formation consists, and structural qualities.

What are the benefits of duplex stainless steel heat exchanger tubes?

Over the course of a machine’s lifetime, duplex heat exchangers are very cost-effective. Duplex 2205 Heat Exchanger Tubes are a particularly cost-effective option because they can last for years with regular maintenance.

  • Heat exchangers made of austenitic stainless steel can:
  • provide a longer service life than alternative materials for construction
  • Reduce costly results of the low by equipment failure.
  • Eliminate the need for a replacement parts supply.
  • Ensure high durability to corrosion
  • A high-temperature transfer rate is delivered.
  • Allow for highly compressed gasses to limit the amount of surface area needed.
  • Owing to the welded steel frame structure, damage while handling, assembly, and use is eliminated.
  • These alloys have outstanding tolerance to oxidative corrosion.