Backpack wear ceramic lined elbow

What is a backpack wear-resistant ceramic elbow?

The backpack wear-resistant ceramic elbow is also called the reinforced ceramic elbow. The wear-resistant part is re-welded in the part where the impact and wear of the elbow is more serious, which is called a backpack. Our backpack ceramic elbow is based on the wear-resistant ceramic elbow, and a layer of anti-wear backpack is added. The special ceramic is pasted on the inner wall of the pipe with a high-temperature resistant inorganic adhesive. Therefore, the wear-resistant ceramic backpack elbow realizes double-layer wear resistance, which is suitable for the working conditions with serious wear.

The wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow adopts a unique ceramic design, so that after the last piece of a circle is embedded, a 360° mechanical self-locking force is formed between the ceramic blocks to ensure that the ceramics are tightly bonded. The gwj series of viscose used for pasting ceramics is a proprietary product jointly developed by our company and tsinghua university. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to both steel and ceramics; it has quite high strength and toughness; heat resistance and aging resistance. It can operate at a temperature of -50°c to 350°c for a long time.

Backpack wear-resistant ceramic elbows are generally used in coal powder conveying systems and dust removal systems in thermal power, steel, chemical, smelting, cement, etc.

Backpack wear-resistant ceramic elbow product features:

  • Double-layer super wear-resistant: wear-resistant ceramic backpack elbow has double-layer wear-resistant characteristics, using high-quality alumina corundum ceramics, the hardness reaches hra85 or more, and is more than 10 times wear-resistant than ordinary pipes.
  • High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance: it can run at 350 ℃ for a long time, and is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and oxidation.
  • Anti-seismic and thermal expansion and contraction: the thermal expansion coefficient of viscose is between steel and ceramics, which can well adjust the extrusion of ceramics due to the inconsistent thermal expansion of ceramics and steel. At the same time, a variety of flexible fibers are added to viscose, to maximize the guarantee that ceramics will not fall off during long-term operation under the environment of vibration, frequent thermal expansion and cold contraction.
  • Erosion resistance: it can resist the erosion of larger particle materials without breaking.
  • The inner and outer walls are smooth, the air flow is smooth, and there is no scaling: the smooth surface allows the material to pass freely without hanging and blocking.
  • Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to handle, save manpower, easier and faster to install, and can easily erect pipes higher.
  • Low cost: reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save material cost.
  • Reduced maintenance: excellent wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving costs and labor.