Abrasion resistant alumina ceramic lining bend

Self-propagating ceramic lined pipes must be selected for power plants

Self-propagating ceramic composite steel pipes, relatively speaking, if the power plant uses self-propagating ceramic composite steel pipes, the requirements must be strict and the quality must be adequately guaranteed. It is not for short-term use in industrial and mining operations, but for long-term industrial and mining operations!

Self-propagating ceramic composite steel pipe

Self-propagating ceramic lined pipes can be used not only in power plants, but also in metallurgy, mining, coal washing plants, food and other industries. Can be customized according to customer requirements!

The three advantages of self-propagating ceramic composite steel pipe are still very popular and selected by power plant users!

High temperature resistance 900℃.

Light weight, making the price cheap.

It can cut and weld, plasma can be cut at the installation site at will, easy to install.

The advantages of self-propagating ceramic composite steel pipes meet the needs of customers. Of course, quality is the focus of attention. Jangho has a 43-year brand manufacturer and 21 years of manufacturing experience. Quality is not just talking about it. Before leaving the factory, it will give you a series of quality inspections to ensure the quality of the quality, and provide the original factory material report, so that customers can rest assured to choose to start!

For self-propagating ceramic lined pipes, if customers need, Sunny Steel will provide you with pipeline design, installation, and decomposition drawings, and our products are guaranteed!