Application of wear resistant steel plate

Based on its high hardness, high strength, high toughness, low carbon and low alloy properties, wear-resistant steel plate has excellent overall performances. The combination of excellent wear resistance, machinability and weldability performance can ensure the gaols on “high wear resistance and easy processing, materials saving and cost reduction”. It has been widely used in many applications since it has start.


A wear resistant steel plate, also called an AR plate or an abrasion resistant plate, is steel that is comes in many different grades. The main purpose of a wear resistant plate is to subdue premature wear that can be caused by various activities in different business sectors and industries.

Thermal power plant

Coal pulverizer liner, bucket wheel machine, coal scuttle, coal dust conveying pipeline, grid plate of pulverized coal distributor, coal unloading liner, etc. Medium speed coal mill barrel liner, fan impeller socket shell, dust collector inlet flue, ash duct, bucket turbine liner, separator connection pipe, coal crusher liner, coal scuttle liner, coal scuttle and crusher liner, burner burner, coal scuttle and funnel liner, air preheater bracket protection tile, separator guide blade. The above parts do not have too high requirements on the hardness and wear resistance of the wear resistant steel plate, and the material can be used for nm360/400 thickness of 6-10mm wear resistant steel plate.

Coal yard

Feeder groove and hopper lining, hopper liner, fan blade, pusher bottom plate, cyclone dust collector, coke guide liner, ball mill lining, bit stabilizer, screw feeder bell and base, kneading machine bucket lining, ring feeder, dumper bottom plate. The working environment of coal yard is bad, which has certain requirements on the corrosion resistance and wear resistance strength of wear resistant steel plate. It is recommended to use wear resistant steel plate with the thickness of nm400/450 HARDOX400 (8-26mm).

Cement factory

Chute lining, end bushing, cyclone dust collector, powder separator blades and guide blades, fan blades and lining, recycling bucket lining, screw conveyor floor, pipe assembly, molten cooling disc lining, conveying trough lining. These parts also need wear-resistant steel plates with better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can be made of NM360/400, HARDOX400 wear resistant steel plates with thickness of 8-30mm.

Loading machinery

Chain plate of unloading mill, hopper liner plate, grab blade plate, automatic dumper dumper plate, dumper body. This requires wear resistance strength and hardness of very high wear resistant steel plate, it is recommended to use the material is NM500 HARDOX450/500 thickness in 25-45mm wear resistant steel plate.

Mining machinery

Lining board and blade of mineral and stone crusher, lining board and baffle of conveyor. This kind of component needs very high wear resistance, available material is NM450/500, HARDOX450/500 thickness in 10-30mm wear resistant steel plate.

Construction machinery

Tooth plate of cement pusher, lining board of concrete mixing tank, mixer, lining board of dust collector, mold board of brick making machine. It is recommended to use the wear-resistant steel plate with NM360/400 thickness of 10-30mm.

Construction machinery

Loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side edge plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drill pipe. This type of machine requires particularly tough and wear resistant steel plate with extremely high wear resistance. The available material is NM500, HARDOX500/550/600 high strength wear resistant steel plate with thickness of 20-60mm.

Metallurgical machinery

Iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining board, scraping machine lining board. Because this kind of machinery needs to withstand high temperature, hardness of wear resistant steel plate.

Wear resistant steel plate can also be used in the sand mill barrel, blade, all kinds of yard, dock machinery so parts, bearing structure, railway wheel structure, roll, etc.

Engineering Machinery, Construction Machinery, Port Machinery

Road paver screed and transport board, excavator, loader bucket blade plate, bulldozer & bulldozing plate, grader blade, Asphalt concrete mixing plant liner and blade, tunnel construction equipment, and All kinds of grab, ship unloader and material conveyor etc.

Mine machinery & Cement machinery

Power shovel, carry-scraper, shovel blade plate of bucket wheel excavator, coal cutter, heading machine, scraper conveyor, feed bin, chute, hoist engine and pneumatic conveying pipeline, dumper truck bucket liner, All kinds of crusher, disintegrator, grinding machine, screen plate, feeder, stacker-reclaimer, cement separator, roller press, draught fan and suction machine etc.

Metallurgical Machinery

Rolling equipment, scrap breaking machine, packer, Blast furnace top hopper、feeding tank and liner, blast furnace gas venturi scrubber, loading and unloading conveyor trough and liner of ore、coke、sintered material, etc.

Besides, the WR plates can be used in Chemical Engineering & Machinery and agricultural machinery, etc.


Different wear resistant plates are made up of different ingredients and components. Abrasion resistant steel plates after heat treatment for composite integration.

However, the most common and usual include:
Other Types of Alloys
Chromium (in some cases)

These have varying measurements and grades, which depend on the use and the functionality it will have.