Ceramic sleeve lined pipe fittings used in mining application

These ceramic sleeves are identical to the ones we use in our production, so high quality, consistency, and uniformity are assured.

The combination of high rigidity of ceramic and high elasticity of steel gives the pipe unmatchable features as an abrasion resistant, heat resistant and corrosion resistant material for use in the fields of power generation, metallurgy, mining, and chemical industry etc. It has many advantages over steel pipes, cast stone pipes, and steel-plastic compound pipes.

Layer size of ceramic sleeve lined pipe

Steel pipenormal carbon steel or stainless steel3-10mmDN30-DN400mm
AdhesiveEpoxy adhesive2-3mm
Ceramic sleeve92%,95%,99%5-20mmDN30-DN400mm
The ceramic sleeve lined pipe has a smooth inner wall, excellent tightness as well as good wear and chemical resistance ability.


Superior wear resistance
corrosion&acid resistance
Smooth inner wall
Easy installation
Saved maintenance time and expenditures
Longer service lifetime

Mining port