How to choose cast basalt lined pipe

How to choose cast basalt lined pipe?

Cast basalt is a silicate crystalline material produced and processed. It uses natural rock (basalt, diabase and other basic rocks) as the main raw material, and is made by melting, pouring, crystallization, annealing and other processes.

The cast basalt lined pipe is composed of the inner lined cast basalt pipe, the outer steel pipe and the cement mortar filling layer between the two. It integrates the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the cast basalt pipe, the toughness of the steel pipe and the consolidation of the cement mortar. In one. Greatly improve the product’s ability to adapt to various complex working conditions. Cast basalt pipe has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used as the lining of the pipeline system for pneumatic or hydraulic transportation of abrasive and corrosive materials and slurries in electric power, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, coal and other departments. Protect the pipeline and prolong the service life of the pipeline.
With the gradual expansion of the application range of cast basalt lined pipes, there are more and more manufacturers engaged in the production, processing and sales of cast basalt pipes. There are different quality cast basalt lined pipes on the market, so how can we choose from many merchants? What about choosing high-quality cast basalt pipes from your products?

  1. First of all, we can look at the color of the pipe. The color of the high-quality pipe is uniform and will not appear turbid. When the majority of users choose products, if the color is turbid, then do not choose it;
  2. Secondly, we can use the impact resistance method. The simpler operation method is to hit hard with a hammer without breaking;
  3. Then you can use the stroking method to touch the surface with your hands. The surface of the high-quality cast basalt plate is smooth without roughness.
Inspect cast basalt pipe

Cast basalt lined pipe is a special ceramic fired at high temperature. It is different from the ceramics used in people’s daily life and needs to be selected according to different working conditions.

In terms of hardness
Ceramic sheets are mainly used in various mechanical equipment in factories, and the ceramic sheets used in different mechanical equipment are also different. The selection of the appropriate ceramic sheet from the perspective of hardness mainly depends on where it is placed in the mechanical equipment. Take the cutting machine as an example, the harder the cast basalt lined pipe needs to be, the closer it is to the workpiece. If it is in the middle or tail of the mechanical equipment, the hardness of the ceramic sheet is slightly lower.

From the point of view of firmness and heat resistance
Cast basalt lined pipes can also be used in engineering equipment such as iron and steel smelting. For use in these types of mechanical plant equipment, the requirements for heat resistance and robustness are very high. Because these mechanical equipment often work in a high temperature environment, if they are not heat-resistant, there is no guarantee during use, and the service life of the mechanical equipment will also be shortened.