How to choose stainless steel seamless pipe?

We use stainless steel seamless pipes many times now, and many customers face a lot of problems when selecting materials. Looking at the uneven prices on the market and related problems, there is no final solution. Here Share some skills with you, so that you can improve the cost-effectiveness of products when selecting finished products in the later stage.

1) Take 304 material as an example: when selecting steel pipes, it must be determined that the material meets the standard.

1. From the price analysis, if the 304 stainless steel pipe is even lower than the general price of the 301 material on the market, it must be carefully identified, it is likely to be impersonated by other materials;
2. Whether the steel stamp material “304” is printed on the surface of the steel pipe, and the manufacturer’s quality certificate should be obtained as a certificate;
3. It can be tested with an acid reagent, after 30 seconds, the material 304 will not change color, and the material 201 will turn black;
4. For bulk purchases, samples can be taken and sent to the national authoritative testing center for component testing.

2) There are often inner heavy skins, pits, and rolling blue lines in rolled pipes. Under normal circumstances, these are unavoidable and do not affect the use. However, when purchasing, you must choose as few as possible, especially when checking The inner surface.

3) When purchasing, you should choose excellent products that have been evaluated by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. It is the most direct and effective purchase method to have a long-term use testimonial and a good reputation among customers.

4) Check whether the color of the outer surface and the inner wall of the tube is bright and smooth, whether the thickness is uniform or rough. Generally, welded pipes do not need to be inspected, and stainless steel seamless pipes are produced by cold drawing or hot rolling. Improper operation in the production process is prone to uneven thickness, cracks on the pipe surface, etc., and the surface roughness is generally seamless. The tube is not polished, if there is no special requirement for appearance, it will not affect the use.

5) Before selecting stainless steel seamless pipes, the purpose and use environment of stainless steel pipes should be considered. For example, welded pipes are generally used for decoration, seamless pipes are generally used for fluid transportation, sanitary stainless steel pipes should be used for medical treatment or kitchen, and thick-walled pipes should be used for pressure; Materials above 316 are generally used in acidic and alkaline places or coastal areas.