How to install wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe

The wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe can be connected and installed by flange or welding, and the following issues need to be paid attention to during the installation process.

  1. In the process of handling and installation, the wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe needs to be handled with care to avoid violent collision, and avoid hard objects hitting the ceramic end face and causing the end face to be damaged.
  2. When installing the ceramic pipe, the center line of the pipe should be aligned with the center line of the pipe to be connected, and the height of the connecting part should be carefully leveled to ensure that the two ends are accurately connected, and the end surface misalignment should be controlled within 1 mm.
  3. The internal ceramic paste method and fixing method of the wear-resistant ceramic pipe determine that it has strict directionality. During installation, the direction of the conveyed fluid and the connection gap should be consistent according to the technical requirements, so as to reasonably reduce the erosion and wear of the pipe.
  4. If the conveyed material is fluid such as powder, gas and liquid, in order to ensure the safety of conveying, it is necessary to strictly check the tightness of its connection during installation to prevent fluid leakage.
  5. Flange protection, in order to prevent the flange from being rusted or worn during transportation and storage, we need to oil the flange and cover it with a protective cap.
  6. The numbers need to be numbered according to the drawings to avoid errors and omissions in the production and installation process.
  7. In the process of installing the wear-resistant ceramic pipe, it should be installed from both ends to the middle, which is convenient for adjustment. During installation, the accumulated error should also be considered, which should be eliminated by pipe adjustment before the installation is completed.
  8. In order to increase the firmness of the flange connection, try to weld the lifting lugs at the port of the wear-resistant ceramic tube.