Cast basalt lined steel pipe ash handling with flange and coupling

Types of cast basalt lined pipe

The cast basalt lined pipe integrates the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the cast stone pipe, the toughness of the steel pipe and the consolidation of the cement mortar, and can be well adapted to various complex working conditions. Cast basalt lined pipe is divided into cast basalt lined straight pipe, cast basalt lined elbow, cast basalt lined tee (cross), cast stone reducing pipe and other special-shaped pipe fittings. The cast basalt lined pipe can be connected by flanges, quick fittings and butt welding. The diameter series of the cast basalt lined elbow is the same as that of the cast basalt lined straight tube, and its turning radius and center angle are made according to user requirements.

According to different usage requirements, it is available in several types:

  • Cast basalt lined straight pipe
  • Cast basalt lined pipe bend
  • Cast basalt lined pipe tee
  • Cast basalt lined pipe four-way
  • Variable diameter cast basalt lined pipe.