Waterjet Cutting

How many types of cutting stainless steel

There are several ways to cutting stainless steel,but it’s not easy to understand which types of cutting stainless steel is the simplest,or which types of cutting stainless steel will achieve good results for us .Today’s edition of ‘stainless steel’ focus on the principle, advantages and disadvantages of various cutting methods for stainless steel.

1.Plasma Cutting

The basic principle of plasma cutting machine:
Using compressed air as the working gas,and Using high temperature and high speed plasma as a heat source, and at the same time, the melted metal is blown away with a high-speed airflow to form a narrow slit. Plasma cutting machinecan be used for cutting various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper metal, carbon steel, etc. When the plasma cutting machine is used to cut stainless steel products, it has the advantages of the faster cutting speed, narrow kerf, flat kerf, small heat-affected zone, low workpiece deformation, simple operation, and significant energy-saving effect.

2.Laser cutting

The basic principle of laser metal cutting machine:
The laser metal cutting machine uses a metal laser with xenon lamp as the excitation source to output a laser beam with high energy density and focus on the workpiece surface. Make the intelligent control of the moving area through the light spot and the light spot system to realize the personalized display screen automatically control the area window.

The characteistics of laser metal cutting machine:

  • The seam quality is good, the deformation is small, the appearance and the shape.
  • Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance.
  • Imported servo motor and guide transmission mechanism are adopted, and the cutting precision is high.

Application field

  • The l laser metal cutting machine can cut metal, various non-metallic sheets and pipes. It is especially suitable for cutting stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum material, ceramic sheet, silicon wafer, diamond and other materials.
  • Widely used in sheet metal, hardware products, steel structure, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplates, advertisements, handicrafts, electronics, toys, packaging and other industries.

3.Waterjet Cutting

Waterjets are widely used worldwide for high-volume applications. The waterjet is complemented to other technologies (milling, laser, EDM, plasma and planer). Waterjet cutting does not use toxic gases or liquids and does not produce toxic substances or vapors. It is a real multifunctional and efficient cold cutting technology. Waterjets have proved that they can accomplish tasks that other technologies can’t handle.

Disadvantages of various methods of cutting stainless steel:

Disadvantages of laser cutting stainless steel:

Laser cutting machine has high cost, high initial investment and maintenance cost. At present, laser cutting of sheet metal has high cost performance, but when the cutting efficiency of sheet metal is low, unless the quality requirement is high, improper laser cutting is adopted.

Disadvantages of plasma Cutting stainless steel:

Plasma cutting machines can lead to harmful gases and arcs: the principle of plasma cutting leads to arc intensity, noise and dust in the cutting process, Pollute the environment to some extent. Plasma cutting is generally used for medium and thick plates, the cutting thickness is limited.

Disadvantages of Waterjet Cutting stainless steel:

High cost of use, requiring large amounts of water and sand.Cutting carbon steel plate is easy to rust and affect the beauty of the product,and have the highest maintenance costs.