Is the tiles lined with wear-resistant ceramic tile lined pipe easy to fall off?

There are many types of wear-resistant ceramic pipes. SMD wear-resistant ceramic pipes and spot-welded card-type wear-resistant ceramic pipes use special methods to fix wear-resistant ceramic sheets inside the pipes. In extreme environments, ceramic sheets will be encountered. The phenomenon of falling off, while the one-piece wear-resistant ceramic tube and the self-propagating centrifugally cast wear-resistant ceramic tube are directly cast on the steel pipe, and the problem of falling off is basically not encountered.

Both the patch type and the spot-welded card type wear-resistant ceramic tube must use adhesive to fix the ceramic sheet and the steel pipe together. In a high temperature environment, the viscosity of the adhesive will rapidly decrease or even disappear, which is the main reason for the falling off of the ceramic sheet. .

In order to solve this problem, we replaced the traditional viscose with a high-temperature-resistant inorganic binder, and the temperature resistance was increased from 350°C to 750°C, which effectively reduced the falling off of the ceramic sheet.

On the basis of adhesive fixing, the spot welding card type wear-resistant ceramic pipe also uses the spot welding process to weld the ceramic sheet on the inner wall of the steel pipe. In order to protect the welding point, a special ceramic cap is also configured. The 360° mechanical self-locking structure is also used between the ceramic sheets, which greatly increases the firmness.

Today’s wear-resistant ceramic tubes have very few ceramic sheets falling off, but the viscosity of the viscose will drop rapidly at temperatures above 750°C, and the brittleness of ceramics above 1000°C will rapidly increase, which will increase the probability of ceramic sheets falling off. Therefore, when choosing wear-resistant ceramic pipes, it is necessary to fully consider the working conditions, temperature and medium, choose the appropriate brand, model and installation method, and check regularly.