What are the characteristics of ceramic tile lined elbows?

The ceramic tile lined elbow gives full play to the high strength, toughness, impact resistance, good welding performance of the steel pipe and the high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of corundum wear-resistant ceramics, which overcomes the low hardness of the steel pipe, It is characterized by poor wear resistance and poor ceramic toughness. Therefore, it has good comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical and thermal shock resistance, and good weldability. It is an ideal wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline for conveying granular materials, grinding, and corrosive media.

According to years of practice, advanced technology was introduced from abroad, and the ceramic fixing method was changed from traditional simple pasting to high-temperature inorganic adhesive pasting, arch joint and stud welding triple fixing, and the operating temperature was increased to 750 ℃, which completely solved the problem of ceramics. The reliability of the shedding problem at high temperature is greatly enhanced, which can generally extend the life of the equipment by 10-20 times.

Features of ceramic tile lined elbow:

  • Wear resistance, under the same conditions, it is 10-20 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes;
  • Light weight, 40% lighter than ordinary pipes, reducing the load of support and hanger equipment;
  • Unique craftsmanship to ensure that the ceramic does not fall off;
  • High temperature resistance, can run at 750 ℃ ​​for a long time;
  • The inner and outer walls are smooth and the airflow is smooth;
  • Reduced maintenance, excellent wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving costs and labor.