Types of carbon steel pipe

Carbon steel pipes are produced with a defined proportion of carbon and iron. It is expensive material due to its low carbon concentration. These carbon steel carries high strength, working ability, durability and ductility. Besides, these pipes are not suitable for high pressure. Carbon Steel Pipes are useful in fluid, oil and gas transfer from one place to another. Similarly, these pipes work smoothly in the ship, automobile industries as well.

Different types of carbon steel pipes are available in the market, and they serve other purposes. Every kind of carbon steel pipe has specific characteristics and defined functionality—these characters like strength, wall thickness, ability to resist corrosion, temperature and pressure sustenance. Additionally, there are different manufacturing processes available, and product varies with strength and pressure capacity.

Types of carbon steel pipe

There are different types of carbon steel pipes, such as the following:

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Type of carbon stainless steel pipe dependent on its properties and chemical compositions. Carbon steel pipes are available at a reasonable price and for the production of carbon steel seamless pipe requires a lengthy and complicated process compared too welded steel pipes. These pipes are more substantial and have high-stress resistance, making these pipes suitable for heavy-duty operations.

Carbon Steel Welded Pipe

Carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron. Here, the concentration of carbon is around 2.1% by weight. The presence of carbon increases the product hardness and strength but makes pipes less ductile during working. These carbon steel welded pipes show hardness and strength.

Carbon Steel ERW Pipe

These pipes are known for its lighter weight, corrosion resistance, sturdy structure, and intricate detailing. Carbon Steel ERW Pipe are useful in heavy operations requiring high strength and pressure capacity. Besides, these pipes are suitable for automobile industries, oil and gas, mining, boiler operations, and railways. The pipe is available with superior finish and outstanding operational capacity.

Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipe

Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipes are the products that have a coating of a resin and polyamine hardener. The product is also known as a catalyst. Here, resin and hardener induce a chemical reaction, which then forms cross-links between the elements. Then the wholly cured product is known as Epoxy Coated Carbon Steel Pipes. These pipes are known for their mechanical properties such as hardness, durability, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.