What are the uses of cast basalt products

What are the uses of cast basalt products?

Cast basalt products include cast basalt pipes, cast basalt lined pipes, cast basalt slabs and cast sand and stone materials, which have been widely used in power engineering, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical plants, engineering construction and other industries. , etching position, such as scraper conveyor bottom lining, coal hopper lining, wind shell lining, mill feeding and discharging equipment and other positions. The service life of ductile parts or mechanical equipment is several times or even times that of other raw materials. Due to the weak ductility and high strength of cast basalt products, they cannot be drilled and processed, and handicrafts are usually produced and processed according to the necessary appearance and specifications. The fixing method adopts the method of building walls and adding baffles.

The application range of cast basalt is as corrosion-resistant and metal lined materials in industrial production, such as corrosion-resistant lining of acid-base storage tanks, reaction tanks, pickling tanks (tanks); various iron ore, desulfurization gypsum, tailings coal hopper and gas pipeline, ball mill wear-resistant lining. In engineering buildings, it can be used as epoxy floors for warehouses, commercial building corridors and steps, acid-resistant epoxy floors and walls for industrial plants, and all-ceramic veneers and linings for sand discharge holes in hydraulic engineering dams. Light gray or colored cast basalt can replace natural marble and marble as indoor and outdoor building decoration materials and floor materials.

Cast basalt raw material is a key replacement for non-impact metal lined wear resistant materials used in construction materials and machinery. Such as the buffer roller of the belt conveyor, the inner wall of the screw conveyor, the inner surface of the mixer, the inner cavity of the air duct of the air separator, the hammer mill, the lining of the powder conveying pipeline, etc.