Specification for the use and management of cast basalt pipes

Specification for the use and management of cast basalt pipes

The cast basalt pipe integrates the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the cast basalt pipe, the toughness of the steel pipe and the consolidation of the cement mortar. The cast basalt pipe greatly improves the adaptability of the product to various complex working conditions. The use of cement mortar As a filling material, the inner surface of the steel pipe can be placed in an alkaline medium, and a purification film can be formed on the surface of the steel pipe to prevent corrosion. It is resistant to wear, corrosion, and high pressure, and is safe and convenient to transport.

In order to reduce the loss of building materials, it is necessary to standardize the use management, such as:

Special warehouse for proper storage. Building materials should be stored in specialized material warehouses that meet the requirements, otherwise, the service life of the materials will be reduced. For example, the steel should be stored neatly and in batches according to the specifications and models, and should not be mixed. For storage in the open air, sleepers, bricks or concrete pads should be used, and the height should be 10-30 cm from the ground.

For the distribution of materials, the principle of “first in, first out, pushing the old and storing the new” must be implemented. The material consumption of the project department should be combined with the accounting of the sub-projects and sub-projects, and the quota/quota material picking system should be strictly implemented. The construction personnel of the project shall sign the quota-receiving list, and the quota-receiving list must be filled in according to the requirements of the columns, and it is an indispensable item. For valuable and large-scale items, they can be distributed multiple times with the receipts according to the usage. For fragile items, the material clerk needs to make a more detailed inspection and delivery when issuing them, and both parties should sign and approve the certificate.