What is a lateral pipe tee?

A lateral pipe tee means a pipe fitting which is similar to a tee but has a side opening outlet branch at a 45 degree angle. It is a kind of steel pipe tee,but the branch direction is different with the straight tee. On the contrary to the lateral tee,the straight tee has a branch pipe direction of 90 degree to the run pipe. Lateral tees are pipe fittings with two outlets, one at 90 degree to the connection to the main line that has tiny holes. Lateral tees can either be extruded or fabricated and are used to connect two pieces of pipe or fittings. Lateral tees are used in pipelines that are pigged.


Many of our clients prefer using the 45 degree lateral pipe fitting because it can be produced in a variety of materials such as Monel, Inconel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, low alloy steel as well as several stainless steel grades such as 304, 316, 310 etc. We cater to our clients needs by taking customized orders with regards to the alloy grade, tolerance, dimensions, shape and different sizes to produce the lateral tee pipe fitting.

There are many reasons why our clients benefit from using the seamless lateral tee . Since the reducing lateral tee produced in our factory is manufactured from Good Quality raw materials and is delivered in a Safe Package along with the Attentive Service as well as the reasonable Price offered to the buyers makes the product an ideal solution for their needs. Additionally, the unequal lateral tee has a longer work life and is known to be quite durable along with having a sturdy built.