What Is extra low carbon stainless steel?

Extra low carbon stainless steel refers to austenitic stainless steel with a carbon content of less than 0.03% or ferritic stainless steel with a carbon content of less than 0.01%, which has very low susceptibility to intergranular corrosion. It has good corrosion resistance, has good pitting resistance and good stress corrosion resistance under the condition of seawater scouring the surface.

What are the grades of extra low carbon stainless steel?

Different Grades Of extra low carbon stainless steel & Their Uses:

  • 301L (022Cr17Ni7) which is an extra low carbon stainless steel of 301 stainless steel (12Cr17Ni7), has good intergranular corrosion resistance and weldability,and is used for railway vehicles.
  • 304L(022Cr19Ni10) Steel with lower carbon content than 304 stainless steel (06Cr19Ni10) has superior intergranular corrosion resistance and does not undergo heat treatment after welding.
  • 316L(022Cr17Ni12Mo2) 316L is an extra-low carbon steel of 316 stainless steel (06Cr17Ni12Mo2). Extra-low carbon austenitic stainless steel has good corrosion resistance to various inorganic acids, alkalis and salts (such as sulfurous acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, formic acid, chloride salts, halogens, sulfites, etc.). Due to the low carbon content, it has good welding performance and is suitable for multi-layer welding. Generally, no heat treatment is required after welding, and there is no tendency of knife-edge corrosion after welding. It can be used in the manufacture of industrial equipment such as synthetic fibers, petrochemicals, textiles, fertilizers, printing and dyeing, and atomic energy, such as towers, tanks, containers, and pipelines.
  • 904L(015Cr21Ni26Mo5Cu2) High Mo stainless steel, fully resistant to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid and other corrosion, and can solve the problems of chloride pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion. It is mainly used for towers, tanks, tubes, heat exchangers, etc. in petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, and ocean development.
  • 317L(022Cr19Ni13Mo3) 317L is an extra-low carbon steel of 317 stainless steel (06Cr19Ni13Mo3), which has better intergranular corrosion resistance than 317 stainless steel (06Cr19Ni13Mo3), and is mainly used for condenser tubes in power stations.
  • SUH409L(022Cr11Ti) EXtra-low carbon steel with good weldability, used in automobile exhaust treatment devices.
  • SUS410L(022Cr12) The welding part has good bending performance and processing performance. It is mostly used in the container industry. SUS436L(019Cr18MoTi) Add Mo to steel to improve pitting corrosion resistance, crevice corrosion resistance and strength of steel.
  • SUS430J1L(019Cr18CuNb) Ultra-low C, N control, added Nb, Cu, is a medium-Cr ultra-pure ferritic stainless steel, with excellent surface quality and cold forming performance, used for exterior decoration parts of automobiles and buildings, home appliances, etc.