What steel pipe is suitable for pulverized coal conveying?

The pipelines used in the coal industry to transport pulverized coal, ore powder, tailings, and ore pulp are mostly steel pipes. Since these media contain about 30% iron ore, the wear and tear of the steel pipes is quite severe. The steel pipes generally have a service life of half a year to one year. Conveying and washing solid-liquid mixture: The slurry conveying pipelines for coal mining and beneficiation include tailings pipes, concentrate pipes, etc. The coal preparation plant transports solid-liquid mixtures such as flotation feed, flotation concentrate and heavy medium suspension produced by coal mixing.

There are two ways to choose pulverized coal conveying, that is, the use of pulverized coal cans dedicated trucks or the use of pipe pneumatic conveying, and pneumatic conveying a good continuity, capacity and good sealing, is the most commonly used in blast furnace pulverized coal conveying mode. According to the difference of powder gas ratio μ, pipeline pneumatic conveying is divided into dense phase conveying (μ>40 kg/kg) and dilute phase conveying (μ=10-30 kg/kg). Dilute phase conveying is widely used in China.

Because of its extremely high hardness and scaling resistance, its resistance to wear the first pipe, than bimetal, shell nets, surfacing 6 times times, nylon, PTFE 10 times times, 15 times times as carbon steel. It is an ideal wear-resistant conveying pipe, which can save energy and prolong the service life of pipelines?

Coal industry conveying pulverized coal, mineral powder, tailings, pulp pipe for many pipes, as these media contain about 30% of iron ore, the wear of steel pipe is very strong, the General Service life of the steel pipe for six months to year. Conveying washing solid liquid mixture: coal mining and mineral processing slurry conveying pipeline has tailings pipe, concentrate pipe and so on. Coal preparation plant to transport the mixture of flotation, flotation concentrates and heavy medium suspensions, such as solid-liquid mixtures, steel pipe use 16 months wear, and the annual cost of costly maintenance.

Self-propagating technology makes the ceramic liner composite Steel pipe has a unique structure, which determines the excellent physical and mechanical properties of ceramic steel pipe, it not only abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, but also has high hardness, strength and good resistance to mechanical impact and thermal shock of the comprehensive performance.