wear-resistant ceramic-lined pulverized coal pipes

Why do large thermal power plants use wear-resistant ceramic-lined pulverized coal pipes?

Why do large thermal power plants use wear-resistant ceramic-lined pulverized coal pipes? One installation, no replacement for five years!

When selecting pulverized coal pipelines in large thermal power plants, the main consideration is the safety, stability, production efficiency and production cost of the production system, while ordinary metal pulverized coal pipelines are prone to powder leakage and penetration due to serious wear and tear. It poses a threat to the security and stability of the system, and requires frequent maintenance and replacement, reducing production efficiency and increasing production costs. In contrast, wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipes show obvious advantages. It has been recognized by many large thermal power plants such as Huadian and Guodian.

In the pulverized coal pipeline of thermal power plants, the scouring speed of pulverized coal often reaches 30m/s, which is mainly faced with scouring wear. It is characterized by small particles, fast flow rate and large flow rate. Therefore, the hardness of the pipe lining material has an effect on wear resistance and service life. play a decisive role. However, the hardness and weldability of metal materials restrict each other. The higher the hardness, the worse the weldability. Therefore, even the more advanced bimetallic pipes among metal pipes, the hardness can only reach about HRC60, while the hardness of wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipes can reach above HRA85.

According to the usage data of many large-scale power plants such as Ninghai Power Plant, Haimen Power Plant, Huadian, Guodian, etc., the service life of bimetal pulverized coal pipelines used in coal handling systems of power plants is usually one to one or two years. Under the same working conditions and the same thickness , The wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipeline pipeline is less than 0.2mm within five years, which does not affect the use at all, and the pipeline life is increased at least three times.

The use of wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipes in large thermal power plants is a comprehensive choice for efficiency and cost. After the test of time, it is really installed once and not replaced for five years.