Why wear-resistant ceramic pipes are more wear-resistant than high-chromium cast iron pipes?

Bimetal pipe or wear-resistant ceramic lined pipe

Which is better for grinding ceramic pulverized coal tubes?

At present, the most commonly used pulverized coal pipes in power plants are bimetallic pipes and wear-resistant ceramic-lined pipes, both of which have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

Industry application coal industry application

Bi-metal pulverized coal pipeline:

Bi-metal has the advantages of strong plasticity and convenient production, but the welding difficulty of bi-metal pipes will increase sharply with the increase of hardness, so in order to find a balance between weldability and wear resistance, bi-metal pipes are created.

The advantages of bimetallic pipes are excellent impact resistance, simple production and low cost, but their hardness is only about HRC60, which is much lower than that of wear-resistant ceramics. This means that the wear resistance of bimetallic pipes is far from wear-resistant ceramic pipes, and the corrosion resistance is not strong enough. After wear, the surface will be rough and dents will appear, which is easy to cause material hanging and blocking.

Wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipeline:

Wear-resistant ceramics are made of high-purity, ultra-fine alumina powder. In order to ensure small porosity and smooth surface, high-temperature sintering and isostatic pressing at 1700 degrees are used in production to fully convert alumina powder into α. Alumina, with a hardness above HRA85, ensures the mechanical properties and wear resistance of the ceramic.

The ultra-high hardness second only to diamond makes the wear-resistant ceramic pipe have excellent wear resistance, the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, and the surface is smoother with use, which can effectively reduce the problem of material hanging and blocking.

In addition, the wear-resistant ceramic pipes are lightweight and easy to install, and the lined pipes are made of small ceramic blocks pasted and welded, which is easy to maintain and replace, and the excellent wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ability makes it have a long service life, which greatly saves money. Maintenance costs.

In general, the wear-resistant ceramic pulverized coal pipeline is more in line with the needs of the coal transportation system of the power plant, and the actual application effect in large power plants such as Huadian and Guodian is also better than that of the bimetallic pulverized coal pipeline. Powder pipes are more economical and practical.