Why do you prefer stainless steel drain pipe?

The surface of the stainless steel decorative pipe is treated by a drawing process to form a kind of pipe with linear or spiral texture on the surface, which isstainless steel drawing tube. Drawing tubes produced by 304 stainless steel pipe manufacturers are increasingly appreciated by consumers due to their strong visual effects. Today, Xiaobian will simply solve the advantages of stainless steel extraction pipe for you.

1. Easier surface treatment

Glossy stainless steel tubes are easy to scratch in the production process. It is difficult to remove scars on the surface of the tubes. However, the drawing process can cover these defects, so it can save a lot of energy in surface treatment, which is also a treatment process highly appreciated by workshop masters in many factories.

2. Wear-resistant, not easy to produce scratches.

In daily life, furniture and decorative railings are in close contact with people, which is prone to shocks, especially in the process of moving things, which easily damages the surface of pipes;

Stainless steel drawn pipes are more wear-resistant than steel pipeswith other effects, with lower maintenance costs and longer service life in the use process. As a result, many applications in the furniture and home décor industry now choose drawn tubes.

3. According to the fashion trend

Stainless steel drawing tubes have a strong sense of metal, which gives people a fashionable feeling. Now, many young people don’t like those sophisticated things, and they all pursue this simple, industrial style or the northern European style;

Stainless steel tubes with drawing effect are very suitable for some furniture decorations, such as stair railings, screens, tea table legs, office table legs, etc.

4. Matte to avoid light pollution

The stainless steel drawing tube is in front of the mirror tube. It is a matte effect, which can prevent light pollution; Especially in some public places, in an environment with sufficient light, and in some outdoor places, the reflection of the architectural decoration of the mirror provokes dizziness of pedestrians and drivers, which is easy to cause accidents; Stainless steel drawn tubesolves this problem well, so the application of drawing pipe is more popular in architectural decoration.