Advantages and disadvantages of three polishing methods for 316 stainless steel pipe

316 stainless steel pipe is a kind of stainless steel pipe with high product quality, strong corrosion resistance and good strength. In general, there are three types of polishing methods: mechanical, chemical and electrochemical polishing. Todaystainless steel pipe manufacturerssimply take stock of the advantages and disadvantages of these three polishing methods.

stainless polish pipe
  1. Mechanical polishing

The parts made of mechanical polishing316 stainless steel pipehave very good leveling performance and high gloss. The bad point is that it takes a long time to polish, the pollution is very serious and its brightness can not be the same, the brightness maintenance time is compensated and rust will occur. It is very suitable for making simple objects, medium and small products.

  1. Chemical polishing

The advantage is that the cost of production equipment is very low, the speed is very fast, the efficiency is very high, and the anti-corrosion performance is particularly good. However, its disadvantage is that the brightness is too poor, there will be gas overflow, and ventilation installations are required, so it is very difficult to increase the temperature.

  1. Electrochemical polishing

Fortunately, the brightness of the mirror lasts for a long time, the process is very stable, there will be no pollution, the capital cost is very low, and the corrosion resistance is very good. But the bad point is that the investment in the purchase of pollution prevention facilities is too large, complex components must be tools, auxiliary electrodes and cooling equipment must be installed for mass production. It is very suitable for mass production, generally used in export products, products with tolerances, its processing performance is very stable, and its operational performance is very simple. If the nickel content of stainless steel is super low and you can’t have other stable austenitic elements like manganese or nitrogen, such stainless steel even has a ferrite structure.