Cast basalt bend manufacturer and supplier

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of cast basalt tiles, lined pipes, bends and other fittings for thermal power stations, cement plants, steel plants and coal washeries also known and basalt sleeves.

What is Cast Basalt?

Cast Basalt is formed from Volcanic rock that is crushed, cast, and annealed in a specialised process. This results in two exceptional qualities. Firstly, being many times higher in resistance to erosion than iron or steel and, secondly, it has a high degree of chemical resistance.

Chemical properties:

  • SiO2     : 42 – 46%
  • Al2O2   : 11 – 13%
  • CaO     : 10 – 12%
  • MgO    : 8 – 11%
  • Fe2O  : 3 – 6%

Mechanical properties:

  • Specific Gravity : 2.9 to 3.0 g/cm³ (Min).
  • Hardness : 8 Moh’s Scale (Min).
  • Water Absorption : Nil.
  • Compressive Strength : Min 4500 kg/cm².
  • Bending Strength : 450 kg/cm².
  • Max Operating Temperature : 350ºC (Max).

Merits and Salient Features

  • Extremely High Resistant to Abrasion, Erosion and Corrosion.
  • Resistant to most of the Chemicals, Alkalis and Acids.
  • Very Long life
  • Less Down time and Maintenance Cost.


Cast Basalt can be used for the lining of pipework, chutes, bunkers, cyclones, and hoppers. It has become the global standard in areas such as ash slurry pipework, often used at fossil-fuel power stations. It is an all-round cost-effective and adaptable lining material that extends the life of equipment in pipe or tile form were affected by abrasion.

  • Thermal Power Stations – Raw Coal Chutes/ Hoppers, Feed Bunker/Coal Bunker, Ash Pits, Crushers, Bottom Ash, Disposal Slurry, Dust Lines/ Bends, Pipeline/Bends, Fly Ash. Trenches below Hopper and pipelines, Pulverized Coal Piping
  • Cement Plants – Dynamic Air Separators, Raw Mill Ducts/ Chutes, Drag Chain Conveyor, Grate Cooler Housing, Air Separator/ Cyclones, Coal Handling, Coal Hopper/ Chutes, Cement Conveying, Slurry Lines/ Bends Lines/ Bends, Discharge Boxes / Bankers, Lime/Silica Hoppers/Chutes, Chain Conveyor Housing, Mixers/Nozzles, Coal Ventury.
  • Steel plants – Coke sorting unit, Coal bunkers / sinter bunkers, Lime bunkers, Coke breeze, Sinter plant cyclones, Sinter plant flow conveyors, Iron slurry line, Thick slurry lines, Air lift pipes, Telescopic pipes, Granulated slag, Hot mill flume
  • Coal Washeries – Coal Washing Plants, Coal Transportation, Conveyor Chutes/Pipes, Floatation Cells, Media Sumps, Centrifuges, Cyclones, Sieves.