Common wear-resistant materials

Equipment used in industrial production is constantly subject to wear and tear. To reduce the damage to production caused by this wear, wear-resistant materials can be used to process industrial equipment such as grinding rolls and rings of pulverizers. If the wear-resistant material is used for processing, the degree of wear is relatively low, the production failure is less, and the production efficiency is high. However, different types of wear resistant materials have different wear properties. The following is a brief introduction to the types of wear-resistant materials.

High-manganese steel

The representative of the high-manganese steel series is the high-manganese steel ZGMn13, ZGMn18, ZGMn18Cr2. Under severe impact or contact stress, the surface will harden rapidly, while the core still maintains strong toughness, which is hard on the outside and tough on the inside. The heavier the impact, the more sufficient the surface hardening and the better the wear resistance. However, the hardness of the high manganese steel itself is very low, and the wear resistance is extremely limited when it is not hardened. If the impact force on the surface of the high manganese steel is insufficient, then the surface cannot be fully hardened (the surface hardness can reach more than HB550 after sufficient hardening, otherwise it is below HB350), then the wear resistance cannot be exerted, and the wear-resistant condition is presented.


C(%)Si(%)Mn(%)P(%)S(%)Tensile stress (Mpa)Elongation (%)
ZGMn13 high manganese steel casting is a typical wear-resistant steel, the as-cast structure is austenite plus carbide. After water quenching at about 1000°C, the microstructure is transformed into a single austenite or austenite with a small amount of carbides, and the toughness is improved instead.

high chromium cast iron

The representative steel grades of the high chromium cast iron series are KMTBCr12, KMTBcr15Mo, KMTBcr20Mo, KMTBCr26 and KMTBCr28. According to the structure and usage, the high-chromium cast iron series can be divided into three categories: chromium-based white cast iron with good high temperature performance, chromium-based white cast iron with good wear resistance (referred to as high-chromium cast iron), and chromium alloy white cast iron. Cast iron, of which chromium-based white cast iron has a certain degree of wear resistance, and has good oxidation resistance under high temperature working conditions with a temperature not higher than 1050 ° C. When the matrix of high-chromium cast iron is all martensite. This alloy has good wear resistance. If there is retained austenite in the matrix, heat treatment is usually required. For chromium alloy white cast iron, compared with ordinary white cast iron, it contains carbide stability even better.

Wear-resistant alloy steel

The wear-resistant alloy steel series is further divided into low alloy steel, medium and high alloy steel. The wear-resistant alloy steel can obtain the necessary impact toughness and hardness index of the material by adjusting the chemical composition and heat treatment process. The hardness can reach HRC52~58, and the toughness It can reach ak=15~30J/cm2.