Unload ceramic lined pipe

Storage and transportation strategy of wear-resistant ceramic lined pipes

Wear-resistant ceramic lined pipes have a wide range of applications, but many manufacturers have not installed and used them for the first time after purchasing ceramic products, and often face storage and transportation problems. So how should wear-resistant ceramics be stored and transported? Next, let’s talk about its storage and transportation strategy.

  1. Keep dry and clean during storage and transportation

Many wear-resistant ceramics are fixed on the equipment by ceramic glue, which requires us to keep the ceramic bonding surface free of water, oil, dry and clean, waterproof and oil-proof, and wear-resistant during storage and transportation. . Good gloves, avoid direct contact with the palm of the ceramic, perspiration will also affect the effect of the ceramic adhesive.

  1. Avoid collisions

Although wear-resistant ceramics have high hardness, they are also relatively brittle. The impact of hard objects or the violent collision between ceramics can easily cause damage to the ceramics and affect the use effect. When storing and transporting, remember to handle with care and avoid hard objects such as metal and sand, especially the edges and end faces of ceramics, which need special attention.

  1. Prevent slippage

The surface of wear-resistant ceramics is smooth, and it is easy to slip and roll off due to improper storage and transportation, resulting in collisions. Therefore, during transportation and storage, pay attention to placement skills, fix them firmly, and take anti-skid measures.

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