Application treatment method of seamless steel pipe

  1. Grinding of the nozzle of the seamless steel pipe: After cutting, an angle grinder should be used to grind the plastic layer of the nozzle. The purpose is to avoid melting or even burning of the plastic layer during flange, welding, which may damage the pipeline. Use an angle grinder to grind the nozzle plastic layer.
  2. Plastic coating treatment of seamless steel pipe: After grinding, use oxygen and C2H2 to heat the nozzle outside the pipe until the inner plastic layer melts, and then the skilled worker will use the prepared plastic powder to evenly apply the nozzle to the nozzle. , It should be noted that it must be smeared in place, and the flange plate should be smeared above the water stop line. In this process, the heating temperature should be strictly controlled. If the temperature is too high, bubbles will be generated during the plastic coating process. If the temperature is too low, the plastic powder will not melt completely during the plastic coating process. The phenomenon that the layer falls off, so that the seamless steel pipe part of the pipeline is corroded and damaged.
  3. Cutting of seamless steel pipes: According to the actual required pipeline length, metal saws and toothless saws should be used to cut the pipelines. When using water welding in the cutting process, there must be a method of protecting the raw materials. When cutting, fire-resistant and heat-resistant materials should be used as baffles at both ends of the fracture to catch the sparks and hot iron beans that fall during cutting, and protect the original plastic layer of the raw material.
  4. Seamless steel pipe connection: After plastic repair, connect the pipe and the pipe fittings, add rubber pads between the flanges during the connection process, and tighten the bolts to a sealed shape.