Tracking technology of seamless steel pipe

As the intelligence of the basic conditions for the production of seamless steel pipe, steel tube by tracking technology, can effectively eliminate data, real-time control system of a steel tube in the whole process of each car and testing data, is to realize the digital delivery of steel tube production process no end, parameter optimization, automatic trace and one of the keys to control quality. Therefore, how to solve the pain point and bottleneck problem of pipe tracking is very important.

1.The main characteristics of seamless steel tube hot continuous rolling process

Usually for seamless steel pipe mills process, the whole process including full sense of the rolling process of hot rolling production line and finishing production lines, define the scope for starting the tube billet charging, the annular heating furnace, punch punch, capillary transversal, tandem rolling mill rolling, pipe, a reducer, reducing cooling bed cooling, line cutting, straightening, flaw detection, inspection, Until the final length measurement, weighing, printing, collection and baling line.

The hot continuous rolling process of seamless steel tube mainly has the following characteristics:

(1) In the process from billet heating to steel tube cooling, steel tubes are rolled and cooled one by one; After cooling, the steel pipe is sent to the sawing area in a row through the group and row; The steel pipes cut in rows are reorganized by dividing and distributing materials for subsequent pre-finishing processes such as straightening, flaw detection, length measurement, weighing, printing, collection and baling, one by one.

(2) the single steel pipe cooled on the cold bed before sawing is a long ruler level, the longest up to 90m; A single steel pipe cut in a row is of fixed size, usually 6~12m. In other words, the whole continuous rolling pipeline production process of steel pipe experienced A single A→ row cutting → single B transition process. Different states of continuous steel tube rolling process.

2. The main technical difficulties in realizing branch by branch tracking in seamless steel tube hot continuous rolling process

The main technical difficulties in realizing branch by branch tracking technology in the whole seamless steel tube hot continuous rolling process are as follows:

(1) pipe machining car wire steel pipe finishing line for all the steel pipe line by a transfer processing, so it is easy to through to the steel pipe by the root tag to realize each step of processing and steel tube one-to-one correspondence: the continuous hot rolling line of a steel tube will be in process, in the process of the finishing line cut into multiple root as a direct result of finishing process is very difficult to guarantee a hot rolling process.

(2) Similar to the finishing line of steel pipe such as pipe processing wire, the steel pipe has transverse transportation in the whole hot continuous rolling process, and the steel pipe will inevitably appear “rolling”. Therefore, if the code printing method similar to that of pipe processing wire is adopted, the reading and identification of steel pipe 3609 in the full circumference direction should also be considered.

(3) The steel tubes on the hot rolling production line are in the state of “red steel”, and the surface temperature generally exceeds 900℃. It is difficult to mark the surface of the steel tubes by physical methods such as coding and coding.

(4) whether it is a hot rolling production line, rolling, reducing the perforation process or straightening process in the process of the finishing line, belong to “roll calender” process, roll and steel pipe surface are larger friction, if continue to use code similar to that of the silk thread tube processing car, when the steel tube through the rolling zone, its mark on the surface of the yards is likely to wear off.