Carbon steel pipe rusting

Mild steel, also known as carbon steel, will rust over time unless it is treated with some sort of protective coating to prevent the steel from coroding. Mild steel has a low carbon content, and the carbon does not help prevent the steel from rusting. Carbon steel pipe anti-rust oil: it is with a high corrosion resistance and adhesion,which does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals, environmental protection and the operator’s physical and mental health. it become into a transparent light filmcan be used as the ultimate anti-corrosion coating can also be used as anti-rust primer after drying. Closed film with excellent light, smooth, anti-discoloration resistance, corrosion resistance and high adhesion.

When carbon steel pipe rusting, and some contain a small amount of grease, it is recommended that after processing preparations, pre-treatment before the use of environmentally friendly degreasing rust one surface rust treatment products, or accessories are using coated anti-rust oil is isolated material contact with the air, but it is not the surface into the passivation film and isolated immediately after the expiration of the reservoir surface and the substrate will be a lot of rust layer, the role of microorganisms to provide a source of nutrition, use water-based dry ultrafine particles in the film’s blunt, dense material combination of anti-rust agents, anti-rust excellent performance, easy maintenance, environmental health, improve the quality of the workshop environment.

The details of steel pipe derusting methods:

Component: surfactant, corrosion and preservatives.

Features: iron, steel and other workpiece surface oil, corrosion and other one-time removal of the cleaning.

Use: apply to the processes of iron and steel castings and alloy products, such as surface cleaning processing.

Environmental Security: The solution for the water-soluble degreasing rust liquid; does not produce volatile toxic substances.