Development trend of seamless steel pipe cold rolling mill

Seamless steel pipe series products with its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and other advantages, widely used in petrochemical industry, ocean engineering, aerospace and other fields. According to statistics, the market quantity of cold rolling pipe mill is more than 6000 sets, but it is basically in the current situation of low production efficiency, slow rolling speed and low product precision. As market orientation and application scenario for product specification (diameter wall proportion increases), product precision (roundness, straightness and surface finish) and product performance (nickel base alloy, duplex stainless steel, etc.) for higher, ability and the function of traditional equipment requirements also more and more high, toward the extreme, high speed, intelligence, high precision, more functional aspects of development, Therefore, the rapid development of equipment is promoted, and higher requirements are put forward for the structure design, equipment level and manufacturing accuracy of the cycle cold pipe rolling mill. Cold rolling mill will develop towards extreme, high speed, intelligent, high precision and multi-function.

1. Extreme equipment capability

φ550mm above large diameter thick wall and φ5mm below small diameter thin wall stainless steel seamless pipe demand is gradually increasing, there is still a contradiction between supply and demand, some products rely on imports, the root cause is the lack of the extreme product production equipment capacity. Further expand the cold-rolled seamless pipe product specifications and the finished rolled pipe to reach φ3mm specification small products.

2. High speed rolling mill

Speed up the rolling of cold rolling mill is the most direct measures to increase its production, but improve the rolling speed of cold rolling mill, leads to the movement of the mill have larger inertia force and inertia moment, since the emergence of the first high-speed cold rolling machine, the decrease of the inertia force and moment of inertia and balance, is also one of the important research content in the process of development of cold rolling mill. At present, the high speed cold rolling mill developed by many enterprises adopts the double sector block balancing mechanism.

3. Intelligent rolling mill equipment

As the lack of professional talents and market push for product prices low, companies want to use fewer workers to complete the whole process of rolling, began to change the traditional production mode, which requires equipment has the function of intelligent manufacturing, this requires mill area equipment, electric system and hydraulic lubrication system perfect and improvement, satisfies the requirement of intelligent manufacturing, It is beneficial to the realization of unmanned rolling.

4.High precision rolling mill equipment

In rolling process, the frame is a key part of rolling force and requires high stiffness, reciprocating motion by the movement of the rack drive roller, vertical direction of the rolling force by fixed casing, such not only ensure the stiffness of the system, and also reduces the total weight of the moving parts, reduce the production of the part of motion inertia, reduces the workload of the motor.

5.Multi-functional rolling mill equipment

At the same time, with the advantages of large deformation of two-high rolling mill and high precision of three-high rolling mill, a three-high rolling mill can achieve the effect of two-high rolling mill + three-high rolling mill, and play a multi-purpose effect of one machine.

6.Stable rolling mill transmission system

The planetary gear reducer can realize high-speed smooth linear reciprocating motion. The motor is input to the pinion, which is transferred to the gear drum through the pinion. The gear drum and the planetary gear inside it act together to change the rotary motion into the reciprocating linear motion. At the same time, increase the balance block, the balance block to balance the inertia force and inertia moment effect.

Seamless pipe is an important product, so in addition to the improvement of rolling mill, there is a matching intelligent diameter measuring instrument, which is an important instrument for seamless pipe diameter testing, it plays an important role in realizing automation, intelligence, high-speed, unmanned and so on, is an important link in quality testing. It is online, automation, intelligence, high speed, the software system, out-of-tolerance alarm, long-term storage, real-time, adjustable important functions such as measuring range, to complete the production of all kinds of pipe detecting, the on-line measuring diameter instrument can detect tiny size of 0.1 mm rolled products, can also be completed thousands, tens of thousands of mm even more large size detection. So basically any size of seamless pipe in the production can be tested by the caliper.