Carbon steel pipe standard length

Delivery standard length of carbon steel pipe, also known as user requirements length or the length of the contract, there are four provisions in the existing standards:

A, Normal length(also known as non-random length): any length within the length of the standard required and no fixed length requirements are usually called normal length.

B, Cut length: cut length should be within the range of usual length, which is required in the contract a fixed length dimension. But the actual operation is definitely cut out and it is unlikely, so the standard specifies the length of the length positive deviation allowed. Production decreased length than the length of the tube length of pipe is usually the yield big margin, producers proposed fare increase is reasonable. Markups enterprises are not consistent, usually based on the base price increase of about 10%.

C, Double length: according to the requirement of order, the length is the integer multiple and referred to as double length. double length should be within the range of usual length, the contract should specify a single double length and composition of the total length multiples. In practice, the total length should be based on the allowed positive deviation with 20mm, together with the double length of each single incision margin should remain. If the standard deviation is no double length and cutting margin requirements , should be negotiated by both parties and specified in the contract.
Times longer scale length the same length as the production will bring a significant reduction in the yield, so the producers proposed increase is reasonable, and its rate of increase with the length of the rate of increase substantially the same length.

D, Scope length: the length of the range is within typically normal length range, when the user requests a fixed range in which the length of time, they need to be specified in the contract.