Cast basalt lined pipe construction device program

Cast stone composite pipe construction device program

1) The construction site of the Cast basalt lined pipe should have workers who have learned from anti-corrosion construction and make daily construction records.

2) The prepared mastic should be used up within 30 minutes. Do not add liquid casually in the middle of use. If the mastic becomes hard, it should be discarded.

3) TheCast basalt lined pipe should be dry and clean. The glue should be smeared on the slate with a plaster knife, slightly lower around, pressed hard, and beaten with a rubber hammer to squeeze the excess glue out of the seam of the board, and then put the excess glue with a plaster knife. Shovel and then flatten.

4) The high and low-layerCast basalt lined pipes shall not have through seams, and the plate seams shall be staggered by 1/2~1/3 plate width.

5) The lined slate is flat in name, does not show inverted bosses, and the width of the ash joint is ≤3mm. The adhesive layer of the bonding layer should be full and dense, and the bonding is firm. It is not allowed to have fluffy and hollow when inspected with a wooden hammer. Quality problems should be dealt with in a timely manner to ensure construction quality compliance and acceptance.