Ceramic lined Bend with flange

Classification, structure and industry application of wear resisting elbow

We usually line piping components, such as pipes or pipe bends, with mineral, ceramic or metal materials to make them resistant to wear.

principle of a wear protected pipe elbow 1

We also manufacture hard cast piping components.

Now, in power plants, steel mills, petroleum and petrochemical, coal, cement building materials, mines and other industrial and mining enterprises, in the wear of serious material systems, the widespread use of wear-resistant pipes, but because of the characteristics of wear-resistant piping, enterprise procurement and technical personnel in the procurement of wear-resistant pipes and wear This is mainly from the user’s understanding of the wear-resistant pipeline is not comprehensive, wear-resistant elbow and wear-resistant pipe selection To do a comprehensive analysis.

Classification of wear-resisting elbow

  • Mainstream wear-resistant forms: Ceramic, bimetal, chromium carbide surfacing
  • Traditional wear style: rare earth wear-resisting cast steel, wear-resistant cast stone
  • Non-mainstream wear-resistant forms: sic, tortoise shell mesh wear-resistant mortar (high-temperature wear-resistant), polymer polyethylene, polyurethane, cement

Structure of wear-resisting elbow

  • Push the wear-resisting elbow
  • Welding wear-resistant bending
  • Compound wear-resisting elbow
  • Backpack wear-resistant elbow

Wear-resistant elbow industry applications

  1. power plant: pulverized coal, ash removal, dust removal, desulfurization
  2. steel mills: flue gas dust, flushing slag
  3. Petroleum and petrochemical: FCC pipeline, biogas gas pipeline
  4. Cement plant: pulverized coal pipe, kiln head kiln end
  5. coal washery: all plant inside and outside the pipeline, tee Qualcomm, shunt box
  6. Alumina: over material pipe elbow