Cast Basalt Pipes and Elbows

Cast basalt is a durable, resistant, and reliable and widely used manufacturing material being used in variant construction projects and industries. The linings made from cast basalt are strong and have long lasting effects. This is why most of the industries prefer using cast basalt linings in most of their manufacturing and processing operations.

Cast basalt pipes and elbows are used too many industrial areas where the abresive, chemical and hot materials transported and which are commenly lined steel pipe and elbows.

Basalt is a dark, dense-looking rock, often with small porphyritic crystals, and weathering to a brown colour on exposed surfaces. It is the commonest of all lavas, the basalt flows of the world being estimated to have five times the volume of all other extrusive rocks together. Basalt also forms small intrusions.

Basalt casts are considered the best lining materials for industries dealing with abrasion resistance.