Fire protection measures for seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipe generally in 450~650℃ temperature will lose the bearing capacity, produce very large deformation, resulting in steel beam, steel column bending, the result is too large deformation and can not be used again, generally do not need to maintain the fire rating of seamless steel tube for 15 minutes. The length of this time is also related to the rate of endothermic reaction of the prefabricated component. The following details of several different types of seamless steel pipe fire safety measures.

1, External insulation layer.

Is in the seamless steel pipe surface with external insulation layer, can be poured into shape, but also can choose the spray painting method. The outer insulation layer of the cast solid line concrete is generally raised with steel wire mesh or construction reinforcement to limit the gap and ensure the compressive strength of the housing. Spray painting method can be applied to the surface of seamless steel pipe in the construction site to create a protective layer. The sediment pump can be lime powder concrete or painted gypsum, and can also be mixed with pottery or stone wool.In addition, the outer insulation layer can also be made of ceramic material, stone wool, plaster of Paris or stone wool concrete, light concrete cement prefabricated board, the selection of adhesives, steel nails, anchor bolts fixed on the seamless steel pipe.

2, Water injection.

Water injection in hollow seamless steel pipe is a reasonable protection measure against fire accidents. This kind of method can make seamless steel pipe in the fire accident to maintain a low temperature, water in the seamless steel pipe car circulation, digestion and absorption of raw material itself heat. The heated water will be cooled and can be circulated, or cold water will be introduced into the pipeline to replace the heated water.

3. Block it out.

Seamless steel tube is set in the wall or roof made of fire-resistant insulation material, or the prefabricated component is hidden in the gap between the two walls. Only a small amount of fire-resistant insulation material or no lifting can achieve the purpose of fire safety. It is a very economical way to develop fire safety.

4. Pengzhang raw materials.

Choose seamless steel tube fire-proof material maintenance of prefabricated, this way has good fire safety fireproof performance, project construction is not subject to the advantages of the seamless steel tube geometric limit, generally don’t have to add auxiliary equipment, and the coating quality is light, there are also some beautiful adornment design effect, belongs to the contemporary excellent fire safety technical measures.

At present, the construction of high-rise residential seamless steel pipe is increasing day by day, especially in some multi-storey buildings, the selection of seamless steel pipe raw materials is more common. Once a multi-storey building has a safety accident, the fire can not be eliminated in a short period of time, which stipulates that we in the building planning and design, increase the fire safety maintenance of building decorative materials, in order to improve the fire resistance level, and in the engineering building interior to formulate the necessary response measures, in order to reduce casualties and economic losses.