Specification for performance test of seamless pipes

Seamless steel pipes are divided into hot-rolled (extruded) seamless steel pipes and cold-drawn (rolled) seamless steel pipes due to their different manufacturing processes. Cold drawn (rolled) tubes are divided into annular tubes and special-shaped tubes. The available workability for testing the quality of seamless steel pipes throughout the subsequent production and processing.

The following seamless steel pipe manufacturers will take you to know what performance tests are available for seamless steel pipes?

1. Hydraulic test
The tested seamless steel pipe was filled with water under a certain working pressure. And keep it under the working pressure for a certain period of time (the working pressure value of the test and the time of the voltage stabilizer tube are determined according to the specification), and there is no leakage. Experimentation is a high-quality test that is often used for full inspection of a product.

2. Flattening test
The seamless steel pipe test piece is placed between two tablet computer fixtures, and a force is applied between the fixtures to make the interval exceed the standard value, and the deformation area of the test piece is checked for defects such as gaps and cracks.

3. Tensile test

Put the seamless steel pipe test piece on the bending test machine, and bend it to the angle specified by the specification according to the standard bending core, and there is no crack or crack on the surface of the bending part.
4. Flaring test

During the flaring test, place the seamless steel pipe specimen on the workbench with the opening facing up. Press the jacking center with standard taper into the seamless steel tube. Until the expansion ratio of the test diameter exceeds the standard, there is no crack on the surface of the test piece.