What problems should be paid attention to in the pickling of seamless steel pipes?

In the production of seamless steel pipes, the pickling process of steel pipes is involved. For the staff, what problems should be paid attention to when pickling seamless steel pipes?

  1. Labor protection equipment must be worn before pickling. The working environment on site should also be inspected in detail, mainly to check whether the sling of the steel pipe is in good condition.
  2. When pickling, the pickling is mainly hydrochloric acid pickling. Generally, the content of hydrochloric acid is 18% to 20%.
  3. The staff also need to know the acid concentration and temperature as well as the tonnage of the pickling pipe in this tank before operation. These can be detected by using professional measuring equipment.
  4. For the pickled steel pipe, it is best to control the weight between 2 and 5 tons each time, and the time should be controlled within 5 to 15 minutes. The time needs to be adjusted according to the weight. The steel pipe needs to be vibrated frequently during the pickling process. When the pipe is lowered into the acid tank, the steel pipe should be inclined to prevent the hydrochloric acid from accidentally hurting people.

At the same time, pickling is also one of the methods to remove rust. Generally, two methods of chemical and electrolysis are used for pickling treatment, and only chemical pickling is used for pipeline anticorrosion. Although this method can achieve a certain degree of cleanliness, it is easy to cause pollution to the environment, so it is not recommended to use it.