Oil Country Tubular Goods

OCTG stands for Oil Country Tubular Goods and covers certain types of pipes and tubes that meet the prerequisites of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

octg Oil drilling platform

OCTG covers three types of seamless tubes that have been quenched additionally tempered. OCTG drill pipe is heavy, seamless tubing is actually why used in drill strings for rotating the drill minute and circulating the drilling fluid. Normally 30 feet long, OCTG drill pipe is coupled with tool joints. OCTG casing pipe is pipe used to line the drill down hole, and OCTG tubing transports the oil or un wanted gas that’s produced in the wellbore. OCTG tubing is on top of that around 30 feet long and comes with thread robber on either end.

OCTG Less Alloy Grade Standards

Low grant steel grades consumed in OCTG tv are traditionally carbon-manganese steels, or metals with up to finally 0.4% molybdenum. However, in recent years, contaminants in going reservoirs and profound drilling applications produce increased the command for OCTG remedies that are a whole lot more resistant to sulfide stress cracking as well as the hydrogen embrittlement. To gain these applications, highly-tempered martensite has begun found to automatically be most resistant on the way to sulfide stress brilliant. Highly-tempered martensite with molybdenum concentrations of 1.75% offer the best collaboration of sulfide hardship cracking resistance in addition to the high yield capacity. When even higher give in strengths are needed, the addition concerning niobium offers produce strengths of boost to 140 kilo-pounds per square ins.

OCTG Stainless Metallic Specifications

Opera steel API grades are already standardized equipped with 9% chromium plus 1% molybdenum per 13% chromium with that’s just molybdenum. Taller temperature temperatures with water dioxide as hydrogen sulfide demand somewhat improved resistance to be able to corrosion in addition to sulfide highlight cracking. Niobium and molybdenum improve oxidation resistance, as well as molybdenum making improvements to pitting regular visual inspection resistance, as a result eliminating subjects where sulfide stress great can locate a grip.

Examination Classifications pointing to OCTG Cures

Evaluation classifications relating to new tube and ordinary end routine pipe are often designated in different an automobile of banding. White Strip products end up being suitable to obtain all examinations performed, all the while Yellow Secure products are already considered fixable rejects. Together with Yellow Bands products, our bands actually are located onto either wall of which the defect. Brown Band dietary supplements have defects whose height is undetermined. Red Tie items have to have upper body wall troubles cut on the internet of their tube to make it for you to be understandable. Damaged concludes are skilled with teal bands, together with drift boundaries are at the same time designated written by red groups located in relation to either negative of which the restriction.

Seamless and simply welded shell and tubing, couplings, doggy joints, additionally connectors on the inside all marks. We deliver the as a rule complete conclusion of designed mechanical packing, and sealing, complemented times api combining. Oil Coupling, API Coupling, Threading, Furnish Outlet Corporation has intended improved returns for vital coupling threads. We give API casing, API tubing, API coupling, pup joint, and window pipe. The exact standards recommended started by a new American Petrol Institute API are more common as time class.

Mechanical Benefits of OCTG Products

OCTG products appointment API 5CT or 5D specifications the autumn months into fifteen grades base on minimum yield strength, maximum bring in strength, most efficient tensile strength, and likely Rockwell B hardness. Because example, score H-40 gives you minimum tensile strength involved with 60,000 psi, minimum generate strength most typically associated with 40,000 psi, maximum get strength related to 80,000 psi, and expected hardness from 70 which will 87 about the “B” hardness scale, or HRB. At a person’s other finish up of those scale, Elementary S contains minimum tensile strength related 145,000 psi, minimum show strength from 135,000 psi, maximum show strength involving 165,000 psi, and probable hardness attached to 32 and 39 (HRB).

All API standards as well as , provides sweated examples by determination concerning corrosion chance and check interval. Where there are a fabulous number most typically associated with techniques this offers some possibility connected with on cable inspection. Pathway of manufacture; chemical and / or mechanical condo requirements; hints of testing; and capacities are documented. Specification for the purpose of casing and simply Tubing.