ASTM A519/ASME SA519 Structural Mechanical Piping

ASTM A519/ASME SA519: Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical TubingStandard: ASTM A519/ASME SA519The following are the symbol definitions for the various conditions:
HR-Hot Rolled, CW-Cold Worked, SR-Stress Relieved, A-Annealed, N-Normalized

DescriptionASTM A519/ASME SA519 seamless mechanical steel tubing is actually used as machinery and automobile structural steel line. With the easy bending feature, it is needed in an entire range of applications, while fitness equipment, auto spare parts, furniture components, therefore on. Consequence its manufacturing method, it could maybe be applied in the areas that require uniform wall thickness and centrality. For example, in roller conveyor and scalable applications, mechanical steel tubing is the best choice.

Features of ASTM A519/ASME SA519 Structural Steel Pipe

  • Surface Quality

There are strict requirements for the pipe outer layer. We especially require that the inside surface of pipe is smooth. JST configures micro oxidation and non oxidation heat treatment furnace for mechanical steel tubing. This is the smoothness of pipe surface obtain the standard requirements and even reach the higher level, get the no oxidation layer state and extend the service life of structural steel pipes. In the same time, we possess professional surface inspectors and inspection machines to be sure that the pipe surface quality.

  • We usually supply mechanical steel tubings plan . the required length. For your products that are equal to or beyond 1.5 m, the length is appointed by visitors. The length tolerance range differs due to different wall thickness of outside diameter. Minimal tolerance is 1.6 meters while the is 127 meters. JST also configures length cutting machines for structural steel pipes. May cut pipes into precise length internet site customers’ specs.
  • Manufacturing

Economic downturn process of mechanical steel tubing is seamless pipe process. (It is generally a hot-rolled process.) Based on the text customers’ requirements, we are able to make use of hot rolling and cold drawing integrated process to produce structural steel pipes that’s not a problem required shapes, sizes and performance.

Parameters of Structural Mechanical Steel Tubing

1. Chemical Composition


2. Mechanical Properties of ASTM A519/ASME SA519 Structural Steel Pipe

Carbon steel 1026 mechanical tubing ASTM A 519

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubings are Medium Carbon Steel Tubings with 0.22-0.28 % carbon content with combination of 0.60-0.90 % manganese. These Tubings are most commonly used for general purpose applications worldwide.

The ASTM A519 Grade 1026 tube is usually manufactured by hot working steel. The hot worked steel manufactured under this specification could either be carbon steel or this process could be used to make the ASTM A519 1026 Chrome Alloy Steel Hf Smls Tubing. If necessary, the Chrome Moly Steel ASTM A519 1026 Boiler Tubing could be subsequently cold finished by hot working the  tubular product. Hot working the Alloy Steel ASTM A519 1026 Square Tubing in order to produce the desired dimensions, shape as well as certain properties.

The specified ASTM A519 Grade 1026 tubes, are generally furnished in the following shapes i.e.  rectangular, round or square. If required, At Aesteiron, we manufacture these ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Mechanical Tubing furnished in special sections, according to the need of our clients or if required by the application for which it is to be used for. Heat analysis is usually performed on the ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Steel Tubing in order to determine the percentages of the elements specified in the material used to make these tubes. Although If secondary melting processes are used in the melting of A519 gr 1026 Seamless Tubing, the heat analysis could be obtained either from one re-melted ingot or the product of one re-melted ingot of every single primary melt.