Basalt Lined Products

Cast Basalt is a material formed from Basaltic slag. It is combined with crystallizing agents which is crushed, cast and annealed in a special process. This done, it has two exceptional qualities. Firstly, its abrasive resistant nature, being many times higher in resistance to erosion than iron or steel, Secondly, it has a high degree of chemical resistance.

It can be cast in a variety of shapes into sand moulds or spun into cylindrical liners 500mm long. Certain diameters are now available at 1000mm long. Spun liners are available in diamaters between 100mm and 660mm.

Cast Basalt has a coefficient of friction similar to that of steel and a density of around 3000kg/m3. When used, the conveyed media polishes the surface improving the coefficient of friction as the linings are used.

Cast Basalt can be used for lining of pipe work, chutes, bunkers, cyclones, and hoppers. It has become the world standard in areas such as ash slurry pipe-work, often used at fossil fuel power stations. It is an all round cost effective and adaptable lining material which extends the life of equipment in pipe or tile form where affected by erosion.