Fused cast basalt linings

Fused cast basalt engineered linings are abrasion-resistant and provide a long service life in the harshest conditions. ABRESIST is highly corrosion resistant and ideal for use with sewage, sludge, lime and limestone, dried sludge, and ash. This lining can be used in pipes, elbows, screw pumps, separators, cyclones, troughs, chain conveyors, and mixers, wherever abrasion is problematic.

Wear Resistant Fused Cast Basalt Lining Material

Cast Basalt is made from special quality natural basalt. The basalt is melted in shaft furnaces at 1,300°C and then poured into the desired forms. Cast Basalt is produced in form components. Essentially, this means sheets and pipe components.

One of the most important processes in the production of Cast Basalt is the subsequent tempering during which the Cast Basalt forms a uniform crystalline structure that guarantees its high hardness and wear resistance.

Due to its bargain price/performance ratio, Cast Basalt is a material often used in tribology protection. In addition to its wear resistance, Cast Basalt is characterized by its singular resilience with regards to almost all acids and bases.

Cast Basalt surfaces remain permanently smooth and even while in use and thus offer the advantage of little caking.