Wear resistant cast basalt lined steel pipes

Cast basalt pipes owing to an excellent performance of abrasive and corrosion resistance. It may be used as the liner of pipeline for hydraulic,pneumatic of conveyance of material and corrosion materials or slurry.We can offer the basalt pipes with nominal diameter of 40mm-800mm.

Cast basalt pipes have an excellent performance of abrasive resistant and corrosion resistant, can be used as the pipeline lining in conveying wearable materials and corrosion materials. Such as: electric power plant, chemical plant, metallurgy industry, mine and so on.

Cast basalt lining steel pipes:
The cast basalt lining composite pipes are manufactured by filled with a dense cement mortar in the middle of the steel pipe and cast basalt pipes, and they are easy to install and transportation.

Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram