Ceramic sleeve lined pipe for lithium battery

Ceramic sleeve lined pipe fittings applied in the mining industry

Large-diameter ceramic sleeve lined pipes have always been a big problem for ceramic tube manufacturers, because the deformation rate after sintering of ceramic sleeves is difficult to control, and it also requires advanced large-scale isostatic presses. So it will not only express the production capacity of the company, but also the technology of the company. At present, Jinci has two advantages of wear-resistant ceramic pressing equipment and technology.

We certainly encountered some difficulties in the process of manufacturing the ceramic sleeve, and through the efforts of our research and engineering staff, we solved all the problems. And we created a very handy installation machine to install ceramic bushings into pipes because bushings are very big and heavy. After a month of work, we completed this 20′ container 95% alumina ceramic casing lined pipe, T-pipe and elbows, and customers are also very grateful for our quick response and great effort in this project, applied to mines Mud conveying system.

After inspection by our company’s quality inspectors, we have packed all ceramic casing lined fittings in 3 steel boxes. According to customer requirements, we paint the product number, spool number and company name on the surface of the 95% alumina ceramic lined pipe fittings. In addition, to prevent damage to the flange, we also use a plastic flange cover that covers the flange to protect the pipe steel flange. Clients thanked them very much after I took the photos and spoke highly of the quality and control of detail. We also enjoy this achievement when our customers give positive recognition to our products and services.