Application of rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe

Rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipe is used for conveying wear-resistant pipes such as power plant powder and ash, mine slag and non-ferrous metal coal extraction and slag discharge, shock resistance and wear resistance.

The application fields of rare earth alloy wear-resistant pipes are as follows:

Power plants use rare earth wear resistant pipes for a long time

Coal-fired power plant
Coal conveying, ash removal, slag discharge pipes, powder feeding, powder returning pipes, desulfurization pipes, etc.;

In the coal industry, coal-water slurry, coal washing slime, mine filling material, mine pulverized heavy medium coal washing pipeline, chute, etc.;

Metal Mine:
Conveying wear-resistant pipes for concentrates and tailings;


Blast furnace coal injection and slag conveying pipes in iron and steel plants; CAO, zinc and sand conveying pipes, iron alloy conveying in steel making, out-of-furnace refining and other preferred wear-resistant pipes;

Cement plant:
Raw slurry transportation, pulverized coal transportation, hoist unloading, finished cement pneumatic transportation loading and unloading, concrete transportation pipeline of rotary kiln wet production line.

Chemical plant:
Coal powder conveying pipeline, silicon powder and other raw material conveying wear-resistant elbows.

The composition design of medium carbon alloy rare earth wear-resistant steel adopts medium carbon multi-alloy system to ensure that the material maintains comprehensive performance indicators. Combining the characteristics of our country’s resources, this material adopts a small amount of multi-element alloy body, and adds FeV, FeNb, Cu and other multi-alloy elements on the basis of the original alloy materials FeCr, FeMn, Ni, Re, FeSi, etc., to ensure the performance of the product.

The medium carbon alloy rare earth wear-resistant steel has high wear resistance, and the rare earth wear-resistant alloy steel has strong wear resistance. After adding FeV, FeNb, and Cu, the metallographic structure of the material has changed. The metallographic structure is: Lath Martensite + Bainite. The grains are finer, the strength is higher, the plasticity is stronger, and the metal matrix is ​​further passivated, so that the wear resistance of the original material has been improved.

Medium carbon alloy rare earth wear-resistant steel has high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance and improved wear resistance. The content of Ni and Cr elements in the alloy directly determines the temperature resistance of the material. The content of Cr element and Cu element determines the corrosion resistance of the material. The reasonable combination of these elements makes the new rare earth wear-resistant alloy material have several properties at the same time, such as high wear resistance and high wear resistance. It has excellent corrosion resistance, so it can adapt to the use of various harsh working conditions.

The medium carbon alloy rare earth wear-resistant steel has advanced technology and stable performance. On the basis of centrifugal casting and resin sand molding, our factory has introduced a new EPC lost foam vacuum suction casting process to make molds according to product structure, application, use method, and quantity. High precision, uniform material structure and stable performance, especially for special-shaped parts such as wear-resistant spiral pipes, pulverized coal mixers, fork pipes, import and export hoppers, round and round joints, cone buckets, etc., the wall thickness is uniform.