TUBE SHIELD production process

Tube shield production process is to use high-pressure presses and professional moulds for pressing.

Raw material

PMI test plate

To ensure the accuracy of the material. Positive Material Identification (PMI) of stainless steel sheets for tube shields is critical to verifying the grade and composition of stainless steel before it goes into production.

The raw materials for the production of tube shields are generally purchased directly from standard steel mills, and each batch has an MTC. Due to the sharpe limitations of raw materials, it is inevitable that excess materials will be produced. We can use the excess material to make a smaller size snap ring.

The production time is short, the welding performance is good, the welding seam does not fall off, the surface is smooth and the appearance is beautiful. The arc-shaped wear-resistant tile is pressed on a press or bent on a pipe bender with a special mould.


Generally, boiler tubes erosion shields are also installed to prevent further wear of the tubes and cause serious consequences such as boiler explosion.

The main role is to protect the heating surface of the boiler pipes, reduce pipeline wear, and increase the heating surface of the pipes.


The installation requirements of different shapes of tube shields are slightly different. Basically, each tube shield is installed with no less than 2-4 snap rings. The snap ring and the anti-abrasion tile are buckled and welded together. In order to prevent thermal expansion and tube shield falls off, and the lap joint requires full welding.

The snap ring is the short section that is installed on the pipe with the anti-wear tile. Generally, it is welded with the anti-wear tile, that is, it needs to cover the anti-wear tile slightly, so it needs to be larger than the anti-wear tile. The opening arc is At about 190-200 degrees, it is necessary to leave a welding position to facilitate welding and fixing, and the width of the snap ring should not be less than 20mm.

install erosion shields with snap ring

Shapes and specifications of tube shield

The cross-sectional shape of boiler tubes shields is mostly semi-circular (180 degrees), and there are also 120-160 degrees.

It is mainly used on finned tubes (water-cooled walls); boiler tube erosion shields are divided into direct wear-resistant shields, in-curve, anti-wear shields, outer-curve, anti-wear shields, side-curve anti-wear shields, s-curve anti-wear shields, etc.

tube shield outside bend and side bend types
tube shield outside bend and side bend types

The length of the straight anti-wear shields ranges from 20mm to 3000mm, and the general length of 1000-2000mm is commonly used. The anti-wear shields with bends generally requires a processing drawing and the following parameters should be on the drawing: outer diameter of the pipe used, bending of the pipe Radius R (to the center of the pipe), the degree of bending angle, and the length of the straight sections on both sides of the arc segment of the wear-resistant shields.

snap one type tube shield
snap one type tube shield

The most basic parameter of boiler tubes shields is the outer diameter of the tube used (that is, the inner diameter of boiler tubes erosion shields). The main specifications of the tube are: 32, 38, 42, 44.5, 48, 51, 57, 60, 63.5 , 76, 89mm, etc . the inner diameter of the boiler tubes erosion shields is usually 1-3mm larger than the outer diameter of the tube used, depending on the actual requirements.


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